Jonestown Jokes

What are some Jonestown jokes?

Why aren't there any jokes about the Jonestown massacre?

The punch line takes too long.

(Xpost: LPT) Never interrupt a Jonestown joke.

They literally shot a politician for skipping the punch line.

Do you want to hear a Jonestown joke?

Actually, never mind. The punch line was too long.

Why does nobody talk about the Jonestown massacre?

They beat us to the punch.

What do Zack Snyder and The Jonestown Massacre have in common?

Sucker Punch.

I think Kool-aid should make a Jonestown memorial flavor

But it wouldn't be very tasteful

What do you call a group of supervillains who come from jonestown?

The suicide squad

I used to know a real good joke about the Jonestown Massacre...

Man, it was a good one too. The punchline was killer.

My friend told me a shaggy dog joke about Jonestown

By the five minute mark I was dying for the punchline.

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