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Happy anniversary to the love of my life..

and her husband Jonathan.

A wife and husband were in a car talking to each other.

Wife : would you sleep with my best friend in order to save my life?

Husband : uhh, of course. I'd do anything to save your life, even if I had to sleep with Jessica.

Wife : what? Whose Jessica?

Husband : uhh, your best friend? Who is it? Lauren?

Wife : What??? No

Husband : Well i'd sleep with anyone if it meant I would be able to save your life. Who is your best friend anyways?

Wife : Jonathan

A man came to the doctor

Doctor: Name?

Man: Jonathan

Doctor: Sex?

Man: Yes all the time

Doctor: No, I mean male or female?

Man: Yes, male, female, sometimes a sheep or a pig

Doctor: Oh dear

Man: oh no, dears run fast

What did Jonathan Ross say after breaking in to a large kitchen to steal some utensils?

It was worth the whisk

Did you hear the one about Jonathan Davis in Nebraska?

Nevermind, it's too korny.

Did you ever blow bubbles as a kid?

Well he's back in town and he wants your number.

*credit goes to The Amazing Jonathan*

Jonathon Ross at it again..

BBC News: Jonathan Ross has been caught stealing from the BBC Kitchen, here is an exclusive interview as he was being escorted out of the premises:

"Jonathon, why did you do it? you knew you could potentially lose your job."
"Well," He replied, "It was just the whisk I had to take"

Hi, I'm hungry

Hi, I'm Jonathan

I wanted to name our kid Jonathan but my wife insisted we name him something funny

Long story short i now have a kid named Something Funny Smith

Jonathan Joestar walks into a bar

You were expecting a punch line BUT IT WAS ME, DIO

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