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This one is special to me. My grandfather was a jokester all his life. About a month after he died, I had a lucid dream where I was talking to him, and imagined him telling me one last joke:

Me: "Pop pop, what is the afterlife like?"

Him: "It's hot."


Gravity, the greatest jokester

Always trying to pull down your pants


What do u call a bad jokester?



Hello jokesters, I started a "joke of the day" at my work and after 5 days I have run out of material. I need your punny help (needs to be PG)

Examples of what I have been using: "what happened to the frog's car when it broke down? It was TOAD away" and "did you hear about the crazy mexican train killer? It was a LOCOmotive". I realized I'm not really that capable of coming up with good puns on my own so I need your help. And I'm sure some of you will recognize those jokes as I got them from the interwebs. Thanks a bunch.


My gf told me I don't take things seriously enough.

What a jokester!


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