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Biden and Barack don't tell each other "yo mama" jokes...

they tell each other Jo 'Bama jokes.

(I'm sorry, it's terrible)

At my friend's house, her dad told us these jokes called "Mama mama jokes." I expected old fashioned "Yo' mama" jokes. I got these.

Mama, Mama, I don't like little brother!

Shut up and eat what you're told.

Mama, Mama, I don't want to go to Hawaii!

Shut up and keep swimming.

Mama, Mama, I don't like going in circles!

Shut up or I'll nail your other foot to the floor!

Honestly, I'm scarred.

Guys, just remember that every yo mama joke that exists has been done hundreds of times by hundreds of different people.

Like your mom.

We all complain about reposts, but do you know where new jokes come from?

A dad joke meets a yo mama joke... and then they screw in a lightbulb.

Dad jokes and Yo Mama jokes seem like they'd be the same

But the difference is a parent.

Yo mama so fat...

When she hauls ass, she has to make two trips.

Gimme your best yo mama jokes.

A guy walks into a psychiatric ward to visit his old man.

As he sits down in the recreation room with his dad, he spots a schizophrenic kid standing on the table.

The kid starts targeting each person in the room, busting out the freshest, most incredible 'yo mama' jokes he's ever heard; true originality at its best.

"That's incredible," he says to his old man, "That kid's got an insane dis ability!"

What do your mom and yo mama jokes have in common?

They're both getting old but are still enjoyed by many.

Clever yo mama jokes

The title says it all.

Heres one:
Yo mama so fat that light bends around her.

Indian Yo Mama Joke

I would insult your mother, but cows are sacred in my country.

Had a great time telling Yo Mama jokes with all my buddies last night.

She's got a great sense of humour.

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What are the dirtiest jokes you know?

Mine are a series of yo mama jokes which get progressively dirtier.

Yo mama so ugly her vibrator went soft.
Yo mama so nasty she got fired from a sperm bank for drinking on the job.
Yo mama so nasty, I asked her what's for dinner so she spread her legs and said "crabs."

Best I got, what are yours?

What's the similarity between my jokes and yo mama?

They never get hot

I don't like yo mama jokes. They've been done by thousands of ppl

Just like yo mama

Yo mama so boring

Her jokes are being banned on the sub

Halloween Yo Mama Joke

Yo mama so fat, she ate her way through the corn maze.

Dad: What do your friends think about you having two dads?

Son: They're fine with it, but they hate that I'm immune to Yo Mama jokes.

Memeulous Yo mama joke

Memeulous hitting hard with the latest Yo mama joke

Yo mama so dumb...

She tells "yo mama" jokes to YOU.

Why a flat earther can't joke about your mom.

She's so fat, they can't see her curvature from ground level.

(My attempt at an original "yo mama joke")

Yo daddy jokes?

Recently heard a yo mama joke and wondered if there is such a thing as yo daddy jokes. If they do exist, I'd like to read some!

Yo Mama Jokes

Every "Yo Mama" joke has been used a thousand times by a thousand persons.

Just like Yo Mama.

5 WoW related jokes

Yo mama so fat chain lightning hit her twice.
Yo mama so fat, when she logged in for first time she got the World Explorer achievement.
Yo mama so fat, she caused the Cataclysm by running to a buffet sale.
Yo mama so fat, she's immune to Death Knight's Death Grip.
Yo mama's so fat, it takes a 10 man raid of warlocks to summon her.

An original joke (50% of it is)

What do you call it when a cow falls over?
Ground beef.
What do you call it when yo mama falls over?
You don't call it you call emergency earthquake services.

Yo mama's so fat...

Yo mama's so fat that we had to put the real joke in the comments.

A fresh yo mama joke

What does my windshield and your mother have in common?

The crack just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

[Nerd joke] Yo mamas so fat...

That her jiggle physics can break a gtx titan x quad sli

Yo Mama Jokes.

I find yo mama jokes very stupid and childish..
They are quite pointless and have no humor, the only humor is from children under 6.. Therefore, I find them very stupid, horrible, and pointless...... JUST LIKE YO MAMA!!!!!!!

Intellectual Jokes as in: Yo mama so wide she didn't fit through the Thermopylae Pass

or she so fat she didn't fit through the last circle in Dante's Inferno.

Let's get this thread ballin'.

When was the first yo mama joke

The ancient Babylonian yo-mama joke:

Of your mother is by the one who has intercourse with her. What/who is it?

In the future there will be kids shouting jokes like...

Yo mama's so old that when the Dentist told her to floss she started to dance.

Yo mama jokes have been used thousands of times by thousands of people and are starting to get old

Sorta like yo mama

Yo mama is so fat

I told her a *Yo mama is so fat* joke but she was too thick to get it.

Look guys... We're too old for yo mama jokes. Let's just keep the moms out of this...

And I'll keep *this* out of yo mama...

Yo mama so stupid she told a yo mama joke to you.

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