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John Cena woke up from a coma

John Cena: Where am I?

Nurse: ICU

John Cena: No you don't.

I left my husband after he changed his name to "John Cena".

I just couldn't see him anymore.

Nikke Bella is divorcing John Cena

Supposedly, she couldn't see him.

John Cena wakes up in the hospital...

He asked the nurse, "Where am I?"
The nurse replied, "ICU."
He looks at her and says, "No you can't..."

jokes about john cena

My girlfriend is like John Cena

I can't see her :(

John Cena wakes up from a coma.

JC: Where am I?

Nurse: ICU.

JC: No you don't.

My girlfriend is the daughter of arya stark and John cena

She has no name and you can't see her

John Cena

Guys, I think I figured out how to post something without a title

What does John Cena wash his hair with?

Champ who?

All this talk about John Cena

I have heard so much about how much of a 'hard man' John Cena is! Honestly if he's so hard, why doesn't he come smash my head on this keyboarddhjfiefkejfjl

What do you call John Cena in camouflage?


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John Cena and Nikki Bella broke up.

She just couldn't see him anymore.

I walked into John Cena taking a shower

I think I've Cena nuff

What do you call 75 year old John Cena?

John Cenile.

John Cena wakes up in a hospital

John Cena wakes up in a hospital after a 6-month coma

John:"Where...where am I?"

Nurse:"ICU Sir"

John:" you cannot"

John Cena wakes up in a hospital....

John : where am I?

Nurse: ICU

John : no you don't.

John Cena wakes up in a Hostipal*

JC- Where am I?
Doctor- ICU
JC- No you can't.

When i went to ask mom for gym money

Me:Mom give me some money for the gym.

Mom:Will you become John Cena after going to gym?

Me:Am I becoming Einstein by going to school?

My girlfriend must think that I'm John Cena.

She told me she's not seeing me anymore.

I ran over a kid in a John Cena shirt

but in my defense, i couldn't see him

What the difference between John Cena and the Vietnamese?

I don't know. I can't find either of them.

How are an anti vaccine baby's 5th birthday and John Cena related?

They will never see it

John Cena as Duke Nukem?

I just can't see him in that role.

John's girlfriend went missing

I guess nobody Cena

What did little John Cena say to his primary school teacher when she gave him his report card?

You can't C me!

What show did John Cena and his pregnant wife make an appearance on?

I Didn't Know I was Pregnant

If John Cena stars in a cooking show,what would it be called?

Snackdown Live

John Cena wakes up in the hospital

He has no idea what is going on.

A nurse walks into his room and he asks, "Where am I?"

She responded, "ICU."

He said,"No you don't."

Why does John Cena always take awhile to feel better when he's sick?

Because the Doctor can never see him.

A VPN, John Cena and Flint, Michigan walk into a bar...

Goverment: I can't see you

Why was John Cena getting worried for his mom?

Because he hadn't Cena in a while.

Doctor: So I've been told there's a problem with the eyesight?

John Cena: Yeah. You can't see me.

John Cena would be a great voice actor

because we can't see him

Apparently John Cena is going to miss 6-9 months of wrestling.

Now you really can't see him.

What do ghosts dress up as for Halloween?

As John Cena because you can't see them.

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