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Johann Sebastian Bach finds a time machine...

Johann Sebastian Bach finds a finds machine and comes to present time. He walks into a bar and finds a beautiful woman and introduces himself. He asks to buy her a drink, and she says okay, sure. When he gets to the bar he tells the bartender that he actually doesn't have any American money. The woman hears him and scoffs, I knew I shouldn't have talked to your Baroque ass.

Was Johann Sebastian Bach wealthy?

No, he was baroque.

Why did Johann Sebastian only go to college for 2 years?

He only needed an elor's degree.

Why wasn't Johann Sebastian Bach able to go out and party with Beethoven and Mozart?

Because he was too baroque.

Austria, mid-1950s

Once upon a time in an Austrian elementary school, the children were preparing for the school play. This year it was about classical musicians. The teacher asked some students who they'd like to portray in the production. Hans wanted to be Mozart, Johan wanted to be Beethoven, and Karl wanted to be Brahms. When little Arnold was asked, he replied "I'll be Bach!"

Why won't Jonas Bjerre, Johan Wohlert nor Silas Utke Graae JΓΈrgensen use guitars?

Because guitars make music.

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