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What do you call a phoenix with a broken wing?

Joaquin Phoenix.

The new Joker went to see a doctor for his mental health, but didn't make an appointment.

It was a Joaquin.

If Joker and Harley Quinn have a son.

The name is Joaquin.

Joaquin joke, If Joker and Harley Quinn have a son.

If we drown in this upcoming hurricane, would that make us...

...the Joaquin Dead?

Hurricane Joaquin

This Category 3 Storm is likely to hit the Eastern US this week.

Good news for Arizona residents: you will not be affected by Joaquin, Phoenix.

Did you hear that the Great Flying Phoenix decided to get his wings clipped?

Now he just goes by Joaquin Phoenix.

What does Joaquin Phoenix say when a car almost hits him?

''Hey! I'm Joaquin here!''

Joaquin joke, What does Joaquin Phoenix say when a car almost hits him?

What do you call a firebird without a ride home?

A Joaquin Phoenix

What do you call a Mexican with a broken-down car?


One day Joaquin Phoenix will be bitten by a zombie...

...and he will be called the Joaquin Dead

What do you call a flightless bird?

Joaquin Phoenix.

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What's the most tragic case of flightless bird?

Joaquin Phoenix.

The hurricane coming in is called Joaquin. When it leaves, does it Joaqout?

What do you call a person killed by Hurricane Joaquin?

The Joaquin Dead.

I saw that actor from "Walk the line" in the snow yesterday.

He was Joaquin in a winter wonderland.

I hope this Hurricane is a Joaquin the park


Joaquin joke, I hope this Hurricane is a Joaquin the park

If I ever meet Joaquin Phoenix in person, I plan to shake his hand, and when he offers me a greeting, say,

"You must be joking".

I've had rain boots sitting in my dorm since college started. I never thought I'd need them.

As it turns out, these boots are made for Joaquin.

A hurricane is going to hit the east coast?

Are you Joaquin?

How did "El Chapo" escape prison?


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