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Top 10 of the Funniest Jill Stein Jokes and Puns

I voted for Jill Stein

Finally I'm part of the 1%

Why did Jill Stein try to censor a movie where the hero uses a shop vacuum to save people?

Because she doesn't want anyone to think there's such a thing as good vac scenes.

I hope that Senator Franken runs for President in 2020 and picks Jill Stein as his running mate

That'd be a real Franken/Stein ticket

Did you hear Jill Stein and Al Franken are getting married?

Their kids said they will hyphenate their last names to "Franken-Stein."

Dr. Jill Stein scheduled a rally at a Starbucks but it had to be cancelled

her supporters were afraid of the free wifi

Al Franken for president in 2020

Jill Stein for vice-president

Just think of the bumper sticker...

Dr. Jill Stein plans on marrying former senator Al Franken.

She will run for president in 2020 as Dr. Franken-Stein.

I'm really disappointed that Jill Stein is not the female Wallstreet-corporate puppet of the 2016 US Presidential election...

As I'll never get to use the term "shill Stein"

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