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How five Jews changed the way we see the world:

Moses: "The Law is everything"

Jesus: "Love is everything"

Marx: "Money is everything"

Freud: "Sex is everything"

Einstein: "Everything is relative"

A men goes to a priest...

-Father, I am a sinner...-
-So, what you've dove?-
-I hid a jew in my basement during the second world war.-
-But this one isn't a sin, it's a very honorable thing.-
-I made him pay 300 pounds a month-
-Well, those are a lot of money but you saved him so you can go and may God be with you.-
-Ok then but... should i tell him that the war is over?-

Two Jews walking down the street

Two Jews are taking an afternoon stroll. As they pass St. Joseph's Cathedral they notice a sign posted on the front door.

GET $50!**

"$50!!," exclaims David. "What a great deal, we can just convert back after!"

"Hold your horses," says Aaron. "It could be a scam, tell you what, I will go and do it, we'll see if this deal is real."

Aaron goes into the cathedral and David waits outside.

Finally, after an hour passes, Aaron comes out of the cathedral.

"So? Was it a scam? Did you get the $50??," asks David.

Aaron replies, "Is it always about the money with you people?"

A Jew gets robbed

The thief points a gun threateningly at the Jew, "Your money or your life!"

The Jew stops in his tracks and does nothing.

The thief waves the gun. "I said, your money or your life!!!!"

The Jew says, "I'm thinking, I'm thinking!"

Two Jewish friends pass a Catholic Church.

Two Jewish friends pass a Catholic Church on which a large poster addresses non-Catholics: "Come to us, accept Catholicism, and you instantly get $30,000 in cash!" While walking away, the two friends become engaged in a debate about whether the offer is meant seriously. A week later the two friends meet again in front of the same church, and one of them confides to the other: "I still wonder if that offer is serious." the other replies condescendingly: "Ah you Jews, all you think about is money!"

I feel sorry for Anne Frank...

First she gets her diary published, which is every girl's worst nightmare, but on top of that she doesn't get any money from it, which is every Jew's worst nightmare.

Two Jews are walking in Odessa at night...

Suddenly, in a dark alley, they are surrounded by muggers with knives.

-- Money, watches, wallets - quick!

One Jew turns to the other:
-- Abram, remember, I owe you $300? Here they are, returned to you in front of witnesses.

Why were piggy banks made?

To keep the Jews away from the money

Two Jews walk by a Christian church. . .

There is a sign on the door that says, "convert to Christianity and receive $100". One of them speaks up and says, "I'm going in." His friend says "you're really going to change religions for $100?"
"A $100 is a $100, I'm doing it!" And he walks inside.
A few minutes later he walks back out and his friend says, "Well? Did you get the money?"
He replies, "Oh, that's all you people think about isn't it?"

Why are piggy banks actually pigs?

To keep Jews away from your money.

They say of rich Arab oil families that the first generation rides in limosines, the second generation drives SUVs, and the third is poor again.

Well that's what happens when you don't keep any Jews around to manage your money.

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What do you call a Jew who is terrible with money?

Bernie Sanders.

A friend convinces a jew to donate to charity...

The friend sees the jew put an envelope in the donation box and asks him

"How much money did you put in there?"

The jew replies "Money? Are envelopes really worth nothing nowadays?"

The well

An Arab sold a well to a Jew. The next day, the Arab went back to the Jew and said," I sold you the well, not the water inside it. If you want to buy the water, you'll have to give me more money." The Jew smiled and said," I was just about to call you because of that. Since you didn't sell me the water, you're either going to have to move your water or pay me an hourly rent for storing your water."

Thanks BrokeBorkLensar for the correction

One day, 2 Jews were hanging around

They found a notice outside a church. It said: Get converted and get $50.

The first Jew went inside. When he came outside, his friend asked "So did you get the $50?"

The boy replied: "You Jews only care about money."

Two Jews during the depression

Two Jewish guys are liking for work during the depression. They come across a atholic church that has a sign saying , "get saved; convert and receive $25".
One if the guys says, "my children are starving, I need that money" and goes in the church. His buddy waits for him and about am hour later he comes out. His buddy immediately ask, "did you get the money" to which the new follower of Christ responds, "is that all you people think about?"

Jews aren't good with money and I can prove it!

How often do you hear about one bringing home the bacon?

Why do a Jew, an Italian, and a redneck go to stripclubs?

The Jew goes to pick up the rent.

The Italian goes to pick up his protection money.

The redneck goes to pick up his daughter.

A businessman wakes up from a coma

"What happened?" The businessman asks the nurse who was in his room.

"Sir, you have been in a coma ever since the September 1, 1939. Your whole family has been dead for many years, your company has filed for bankruptcy and now you have no money left in the bank"

"Ah, that's okay as long as I can still see my favorite 6 million jews!"

How many Jews does it take to screw in a light bulb?

One they're just like the rest of us except they're good with money.

You can't go to a synagogue without giving money to the rabbis.

You have to pay your Jews.

Why do Jews Have So Much Money?

They always keep the tips.

What do you call a Jew with no money?

A Liar

What is the same between a Jew and Money?

I would actually care if I lost 6 million Dollars.

Star Wars

I saw 2 jews fighting for money today, it was star wars

Why don't Jews wait for their bread to rise?

Because time is money.

Why are Jews afraid of gas leaks?

Because it costs money

I became a Jew today

Only in it for the money.

What do you call the Jews who wanted to retire in Florida so they could be tan but didn't save enough money?

Orange juice


Q: Why do Jews like watching dirty movies backwards?

A: Because they like the part were prostitute gives the money back!

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