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The other day I held the door for a clown.

I thought it was a nice jester.

A clown held the door open for me the other day.

I thought that was a kind jester.

What do you call a clown that gives you flowers?

A Romantic Jester!

A man takes his family to the courtyard to see a beheading

He arrives, but no one is one the stage besides the guards. A half hour later, the headsman arrived on the stage.

I'm terribly sorry about the wait. I hope it didn't cause any of you to lose your heads, the headsman says, and chuckles a little to himself at his joke.
The beheading proceeds according to plan, and as the man leaves, the jester stops him.

Good sir, I may ask you a question. I'm thinking of perusing a career in comedy. What did you think of my joke?

The man thinks for a second, and responds The timing is was off, but the execution was incredible!

At a renaissance fair, a Royal Entertainer held a door open for me.

It was a nice jester.


A clown opened a door for me... and I thought to myself... "what a nice jester"

Why can't you trick an unemployed jester?

He's nobody's fool

D&D Jokes

Some jokes I've picked up for my Jester character:

* A human, a half orc, and an elf walk into a bar. The dwarf walks under it.

* Two gnolls are sitting in the woods eating lunch. One says "Man, i hate my wife" and the other one says "Then just eat the salad".

* What do you call a ranger without an animal companion? A virgin.

* What do you call 1 gnome at the bottom of the ocean? a problem
What do you call 10 gnomes at the bottom of the ocean? a problem
What do you call 1000 gnomes at the bottom of the ocean? a problem
What do you call EVERY SINGLE GNOME IN THE UNIVERSE at the bottom of the ocean? problem solved.

* What did the courier say when asked what his favorite armor type is? "I'm a mail man"

* How many Paladins does it take to light a candle? Two, one to light the wick, and another to "uphold the light".

* Why are monks the best lovers? Flurry of Blows.

I held the door open for a clown today.

I thought it was a good jester.

Yesterday a clown held a door open for me.

It was such a nice jester.

A clown just held the door for me...

...Long story short, I thought it was a nice jester.

What do you call a rabbit jester?

A harelequin

What did the court jester call the balding crown prince?

The Heir Apparent with no Hair Apparent.

There was a king.

He was having a problem with barbarians in his kingdom, so he began sending guards to patrol the roads at night.

One of his nobles sent some of his city guard to help with the efforts, and a fool to keep the king's mood up.

The king was polite, but full of pride, so he sent the guards back with the message, "I have plenty of guards of my own, but I appreciate the jester."

The villagers mourned the king and his jester after an unfortunate sewage accident.

The town casts down frowns when their crown and his clown drowned in the brown.

Yesterday a clown held the door for me,

I thought it was just a good jester.

A clown at the circus gave me some free popcorn.

That was a very kind jester.

What do you call an unemployed jester?

Nobody's fool

A jester's chief employment is to kill himself for your enjoyment, and a jester unemployed...

is nobody's fool.

To take down a kingdom, just kill the court jester

Or as they say, go straight for the juggler.

What do you call it when a clown does something nice?

A kind jester.

Two cannibals are eating a clown for dinner when one stops and asks the other

"does this taste funny to you?"

The other replies
"No but I do think it was a nice Jester that you cooked tonight."

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