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Emma was not like the other girls. She didn't know why all the others were crazy about Derek. She felt more intimate with Jessie and the cheerleaders than with another guys. She was reaching a moment in her life when she had to ask herself the question.

Emma gay

Why does Walter get to keep more of the drug money than Jessie?

White privilege

Boss calls in his top 4 employees.

Been doing some evaluations. And I am very upset at the results. James, you appear to be buying Cocaine from some K-Fish. Peterson, you appear to be taking marijuana from this same K-Fish. I'm mostly disappointed at you, Jessie, for purchasing pills from this K-Fish person as well.

This is why I'm promoting Kevin Fishouse, for being a great role model for the company.

"Let's buy a skyscraper and turn into a huge meth factory!" said Jessie.

"That's illegal on *so* many levels." replied Walter.

What would Jessie tell Woody while having a threesome with buzz?

You've got a friend in me!

What did Woody say to Jessie while they were having sex?

Now I've got my friend in you!

"Hey, why'd Andy put me in this jar?"

said Jessie, unaware of the horror that would ensue.

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