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How do you say jerking off in Spanish?

Rubbing Juan Out.

Jerking off at your parents house is like committing murder.

As long as you're swift, quiet and clean up your DNA, you'll probably get away with it.

I haven't jerked off lately

I really haven't been feeling myself

Jerk joke, I haven't jerked off lately

I haven't jerked off in almost a month

I guess you can say I haven't been feeling myself lately

You jerks sit here making your dumb pun jokes, while people in Africa don't even have drinking water

Well Water; Uganda Due

What do you do, if you're jerking off when you're meant to do something else but you're putting it off?


Why are jerks nice sometimes?

Standard deviation of the mean

(OC, as far as I know)

Jerk joke, Why are jerks nice sometimes?

Jerking off is like a shampoo bottle,

If you squeeze it too hard it goes everywhere.

Someone who jerks off to math...

Has a bad case of Calculust.

Jerking off with glue was fun at first...

But now it just feels like I'm beating a dead horse.

I'm jerking an egg and a chicken off...

... I'll let you know.

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So I was jerking off to a scene from Django Unchained the other day.

Then I said it's no Roots but I came anyway.

I was in a jerkoff contest

I lost but I came in second.

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