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  1. What would make Jennifer Lawrence a famous writer? Rolling down a hill while married to Lenny Kravitz.
  2. How to make Jennifer Lawrence be in love with you Be a stair. She'll fall right over you.
  3. Jennifer Lawrence has said that those who saw her n**... photos should cower in shame... ...I don't know about all that, but I did shower after I came.
  4. On one hand I feel bad that Jennifer Lawrence n**... pics were released On the other hand, well that ones busy
  5. Did you hear they found the body of the guy that leaked the Jennifer Lawrence n**...? They say he's the first person ever to be hi-fived to death.
  6. Well i heard that Jennifer Lawrence's n**... had been leaked.. On one hand i do feel that it was wrong. But on the other..well the other hand's busy..
  7. I bet whoever leaked the Jennifer Lawrence n**... will... Catching Fire from authorities.

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Jennifer Lawrence One Liners

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  1. What's the weakest thing in the world? Jennifer Lawrence's icloud password.
  2. Don't worry Jennifer Lawrence... Every icloud has a silver linings.
  3. How can you date Jennifer Lawrence?
  4. What did Jennifer Lawrence say to Julius Caesar? ..."May the Ides be ever in your favor."
  5. Know how I know Jennifer Lawrence is gay? She likes Coldplay
  6. If Jennifer Lawrence was a poet, what would her name be? Maya Ingenue

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