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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan have just split.

I guess she wasn't Dewan.

Was I your first?

John and Jenna had just finished making love and in a post coital moment John asked Jenna,"Sweety I am feeling a bit akward asking this but was I the first guy with whom, you know".

Jenna frowned and said," Yes you are my first! GeezI I hate it when you guys ask the same question"

My three daughters will be named Jenna, Tay and Leah

So that they never forget where they came from.

As I was being seated for lunch at a place I commonly go, the waitress knew what I was going to order.

I said "you must be clairvoyant", to which she replied "no, my name is Jenna".

I want to start a tool company with my girlfriend, Jenna

Thinking about calling it Jenna-tools


Came up with a great drag queen name :
Jenna Talia

Je ne sais quoi

Jenna : kwah.

What are some funny names using the same concept as Hugh Mungus?!

Here's a couple:
Vijay Johnson aka Vijay J.
Sue Asside
Jenna Raider
Ray Quaza

Im so glad Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan split

Now the ladies can go after him and leave me alone.

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