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1) I woke up.
2) Went to school.
3) I saw her.
4) I ran to her and hugged her.
5) I kissed her.

actually, the right order is 2,3,4,5,1

Jennifer Lawrence has said that those who saw her nude photos should cower in shame...

...I don't know about all that, but I did shower after I came.

Jenny was walking home from school one day.

Suddenly she saw her little brother Tom running from school to home. She got worried and asked:

"Tom, why are you running?"

"I'm trying to prevent a fight between two boys"

"And who are those boys?"

"Jeff and I"

Jennie asked Forest, "if the last three generations were named X, Y, and Z, what was the first generation named?" His response:

Gen A

I've been on Jenny Craig more times than....

Mr. Craig

Jenny hated having periods.

Then she met James.
Now from last 3 months, she is not having periods anymore.
James is a magician.

What do you say to Jennifer Anniston after she has been stabbed?

So noone told you knife was gonna be this way?

Jenn joke, What do you say to Jennifer Anniston after she has been stabbed?

Why is Jennie McCarthy so bad at RPG's?

The last time her son had a healing potion he lost 15 IQ Points.

Jenny Mccarthy better be careful outside in the cold in NYC.

She might catch polio.

stop! I say stop it! Jenn You know I'm straight!

She said "so is the spaghetti, until they get wet"

My 4 coworkers didn't expect me to hate puns.

I told them, "Really though, I; Jenn, Hugh, Juan, Lee, hate puns.

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If Bruce(now) Caitlyn Jenner is kidnapped, do they put his picture on the side of a half & half bottle?

Do you know what Jenny dies of at the end of Forest Gump?

Poetic Justice.

Jenn and Jessica invite Chelsea out for lunch...

If Jennifer Lopez was alive in Mediveal times and forced into execution,

would she be dubbed "Jenny on the block"?

Jenny Craig

I dropped 40 pounds on Jenny Craig.

I think I broke her leg!

Jenn joke, Jenny Craig


After Bruce Jenner's transformation, will he be known as the 'Olympic Flame'?

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