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A Jehovah's Witness knocks on a Jew's door.

Jew: "Can I help you?"

Witness: "Hello sir, I'm here to tell you about the great Lord Jehovah!"

Jew: "Is that what you call him? You know, we have a name for him too..."

Witness: "No way?!"

Jew: "Yahweh."

What do you get when you cross a Jehovah witness and a Mormon?

I have no idea but I can't get him off my porch

Knock, Knock. Warning.


If you receive a knock knock email. Do not open it.

It will be Jehovah Witnesses working from home.

Jehovah joke, Knock, Knock. Warning.

A Jehovah witness was going from house to house looking to talk to people

He approached a house and saw a man. "Good day" he said "do you have time to discuss, I'm Jehovah witness?"

"Sure" said the man. He let him in the house and they just kept staring at each other until the man asked "so what do you want to talk about?"

Then confused Jehovah witness just said " I don't know, no one has let me in before"

God is in an argument with Jehovah...

about which one of their faiths is the true one.

"That's it, I've had it with this! I am taking the matter to the supreme court." he said

"I'd like to see you try." said Jehovah. "I have witnesses."

What is a jehovah witnesses favorite band?

The Doors.

Why don't Jehovah Witness' get killed during an earthquake...

Because they are always in your doorway.

Jehovah joke, Why don't Jehovah Witness' get killed during an earthquake...

A couple of Jehovah witnesses!

A couple of Jehovah witnesses knocked on my door. When I answered, they asked "If they could come in and talk to me about Jesus."

I said sure and walked them to my living room. After sitting down on the sectional, I said ok what do you want to talk about?

They replied, " we're not really sure sir, we haven't ever made it this far before."

A very jolly father named his son Jehovah

so as to laugh at his witness at a wedding

What are Jehovah witnesses called in Chinese?

Dind Dong

If a religious person testifies in court...

...does that mean they're a Jehovah Witness?

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What's the difference between windows 10 and a jehovah witness

None, they just keep asking you to let them in

What do you call someone who comes over uninvited, and tries to get you to work out with them?

A Jehovah fitness.

The victim's name is Jehovah

Police are looking for witnesses.

Why did the holiday inn change its ne to comfort in?

Because the Jehovah witness' dont do holidays and the doors are closer together.

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