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Bill Cosby walks out of prison...

..and gets on a bus, and rides it to a long rock wall. Next to a big oak, he finds a letter.

He follows it to Mexico, where he finds Jeffrey Epstein working on his boat.

What do Jeffrey Epstein and Halloween decorations having common?

They don't hang themselves.

Happy Early Halloween!

What do Jeffrey Epstein and Christmas lights have in common?

You can pay someone to hang 'em

Name 3 things that don't hang themselves

Pictures, Drywall and Jeffrey Epstein

I heard that Jeffrey Epstein never wanted to be rich and famous.

All he ever wanted was to settle down and have kids.

One of the last things Jeffrey Epstein said to the guards was - "high five!"

But they just left him hanging

What does have in common Christmas' lights and Jeffrey Epstein?

They don't hang themselves.

I'm gonna dress up as Jeffrey Epstein for Halloween and crash some parties

I just really don't wanna hang by myself

Rich people use their money and infleunce to avoid standing trials about their crimes

Jeffrey Epstein learnt this the hard way

You've heard of Elf on a Shelf, but have you heard...

Jeffrey Epstein definitely didn't kill himself.

Michael Jackson and Jeffrey Epstein walk into a bar...

...and walk right out because it's 18+

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Hillary gave Jeffrey Epstein a high five

but she still left him hanging

Jeffrey Epstein plays mmo for...

Sui side quests.

What have Jeffrey Epstein and a bauble got in common?

They both don't hang themselves.

Prince Andrew "terribly sorry" to Jeffrey Epstein that he can't have contact with him anymore.

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