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Did you hear what they found in Jeffrey Dahmer's freezer?

Ben and Jerry

Who eats Five Guys for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Jeffrey Dahmer

What do Jeffrey Dahmer and Travis Scott have in common?

Ate dead people.

Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer have dinner together

Ted: hey Jeff you got any ice cream in the freezer?

Jeffrey: nah, only Ben and jerry

Did you know Jeffrey Dahmer was a time traveler?

He was eating Five Guys before it was a thing.

Jeffrey Dahmer was eating five guys

Before it was a restaurant.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer sing as he went to the refrigerator?

My Bologna had a first name.

The CDC said to refrain from hand shakes.

Jeffrey Dahmer immediately bummed as he turns off the blender

Did you know Jeffrey Dahmer was a closet smoker?

He kept the butts behind the couch.

Did you hear Jeffrey Dahmer had dandruff?

They found some head and shoulders in his bathtub

Jeffrey Dahmer and Armie Hammer are eating Ronald McDonald

Armie asks, "does this taste funny to you?" Jeffrey responds, "I think it's ginger."

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Why did Jeffrey Dahmer keep a blender on his front porch?

So he could greet visitors with a handshake.

What does Jeffrey Dahmer eat for breakfast?

Boys and Berries

Jeffrey Dahmer once sent me a dinner invitation

But the offer was a me steak.

How did Jeffrey Dahmer make alphabet soup?

With 26 characters he met at a party.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer keep in his shower?

Heads and Shoulders.

Jeffrey Dahmer didn't like Tic Tacs or gum.

He preferred men toes.

How do you know if Jeffrey Dahmer smoked?

They found butts behind his couch.

Jeffrey Dahmer and his mom are having dinner.

Jeffey's mom looks over at him and says "Jeff I don't like your friends". Jeffery then replies "You can eat the potatoes".

Netflix tried to get the Jeffrey Dahmer tapes...

...but it was going to cost them an arm *and* a leg.

You know one the main reasons Jeffrey Dahmer got caught was because his freezer stopped working and the smell became so bad the neighbors were complaining.

The cops came to his door and said "We heard you were keeping a bunch of spoiled brats in here"

Why was Jeffrey Dahmer so healthy?

Because he ate five fruits a day!

Ted Bundy asks Jeffrey Dahmer you got any ice cream in the freezer?

Nah, just Ben and Jerry Jeffrey replies.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer have for his last meal?

Five Guys

Did you know that Jeffrey Dahmer was a smoker...

They found a pile of butts behind his couch.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer say to Lorena Bobbitt?

"Are you going to eat that?"

What is Jeffrey Dahmer's favorite fruit?

Chopped Dates

What did investigators find in Jeffrey Dahmer's shower?

Head & Shouldersο»Ώ

Why did Jeffrey Dahmer move to a larger apartment?

He needed more leg room.

Why does Jeffrey Dahmer have a blender on his front porch?

So when he gets visitors, he can greet them with a hand shake!

What's the difference between Bill Cosby and Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeremy Renner hasn't played Bill Cosby.

Why didn't Jeffrey Dahmer eat vegetables?

He didn't like getting rid of all the wheelchairs

A beacon of true racial equality

"In this time of being divided by race we should be more like Jeffrey dahmer, who only saw the color of people as a light pink center with a nice sear"

Man: Hey man, do you have icecream in the freezer?

Jeffrey Dahmer: Nah dude, only Ben and Jerry.

What do Jeffrey Dahmer and a helicopter have in common?

They're choppers.

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