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Jeffery Dahmer is in his kitchen, using his blender...

... when his phone goes off in his pocket. It was a notification from the CDC:

"The public is still advised to avoid direct contact from others through cordial gestures during this pandemic, such as hugs or ***handshakes.*** "

"Awwwwww..." Jeffery mopes, as he turns off his blender.

Jeffery Dahmer kept a journal, he wrote how he would take the noses of his victims and make pizzas with them.

Dahmersnose Pizza.

Why did Jeffery Dahmer have a blender on his front porch?

So he could greet you with a handshake.

What is Jeffery Dahmer's favorite candy?


What's Jeffery Dahmer's favorite song?

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes.

Why didn't Jeffery Dahmer eat any Germans?

They're just the wurst.

Jeffery Dahmer

Did you know Jeffery Dahmer used to cut off his victims noses, put them on pizza and eat them?
He called it Dahmer-nose pizza.

What did Jefferey Dahmer's mom say when he passed the meat at Xmas dinner?

Jeff, you know I don't like your friends.

What did Jeffery Dahmer yell when he jumped in the pool?


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