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Which Jedi can save PDF files?

Adobe Wan Kenobi

Where do evil Jedi go to pray?

The Sithteen Chapel.

Why did the Jedi kill his master?

To get to the other side.

Jedi joke, Why did the Jedi kill his master?

In honor of today's date (May the 4th be with you) I came up with a Star Wars joke

Did you hear about the new Jedi beer?

It's Force Ale.

Why couldn't the Jew become a Jedi?

He didn't have the force-kin

Why does Yoda have the best seat on the Jedi Council?

He gets a seat next to a Windu.

How is circumcision like the Great Jedi Purge?

They both get rid of the force kin!

Jedi joke, How is circumcision like the Great Jedi Purge?

What do you call a Mexican Jedi?


Why don't Jedi Knights use the Kelvin scale?

Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

How much dessert does a dieting Jedi eat at an Italian restaurant?

Only one cannoli.

At my trial the judge asked me how i justified using force to get women to sleep with me...

Apparently "Because I'm a Jedi" wasn't a good enough excuse

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Many of my tumblr friends identify as otherkin. Be it wolfkin, eaglekin or yes even fantasykin. I myself identify as a jedi.

So I'm forcekin.

What do you call a plastic Jedi?


What do you get when you cross a Jedi with a nun?

a force of habit

What do you call a flying Jedi?

A skywalker. (I'm really sorry)

(OC) What's the dirtiest part of a Jedi?

The Forceskin.

Jedi joke, (OC) What's the dirtiest part of a Jedi?

Which program do Jedi use to open PDF-files?

Adobe Wan Kenobi

Why did Vader (Anakin) finally rebelled against the Emperor?

In Episode 3, he helped carry out Order 66 to kill all Jedi.
In Episode 4, he helped carry out Order 67 to destroy Alderaan.
In Episode 5, he helped carry out Order 68 to destroy rebel base on Hoth.
In Episode 6.... the Emperor was just too old and nasty for Vader to carry out Order 69.

Did you hear about the Anorexic Jedi?

She had to be force fed.

Jedi Knights love analogies.

"Metaphors be with you!"

Yoda is telling a joke to the Jedi Council...

"Why was six afraid of seven?" he asks. Everyone remains silent, and he says: "Because nine seven eight!"

Why are Jedi kids so fat?

Because they were force fed.

What do you call a Jedi knight who delivers babies?

Obi-Gyn Kenobi.

What does a Jedi use to open files?

Adobe-wan Kenobi

How do Jedi close programs

force quit

Why don't the jedi drink vodka?

Because only the Sith deal in absolut

The Jedi know what we're getting for Christmas

They have sensed our presents

What do you call an Italian Jedi?

Obi Wan Cannoli.

Don't worry, I'll see myself out.

What do you call a nervous Jedi?


After a BJ, the girl asked the jedi how it felt. (NSFW)

He replied "It was as if millions of potential voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced"

Why did the angry Jedi cross the road?

To get to the Dark Side.

Happy May 4th

What does a Jedi Rabbi say to a Christian?

May the foreskin be with you

Why can't you send files in an email to a Jedi?

Attachments are forbidden!

Why are Jedi so bad at rugby?

Because there is no try.

What did the Jedi order at the Italian restaurant?

Only one cannoli.

Why do the Jedi refuse to measure temperature using Kelvin?

Because only a Sith deals in absolutes

What did the Jedi Knight say to the proctologist?

"These aren't the 'roids you're looking for."

An old Jedi master named Ben stole Luke Skywalker's last pastry.

Angrily, Luke shouted after him as he ran away, Hey, you Owe Me One Canoli!

Why can't you email photos to a Jedi?

Because attachments are forbidden

My friend and I recently watched the Star Wars films back to back in preparation for The Last Jedi...

unfortunately I wasn't the one facing the screen.

The Last Jedi was really good

Definitely in my top 10 Star Wars movies

My wife screeched at me, "What's this pile of clothes doing on the floor!?"

I whispered, "It's a dead Jedi!"

What do you call a Jedi that won't calm down?

Panakin Skywalker!

Why are there no Jewish Jedi family's?

Because they have no force kin

Rewatched The Last Jedi and noticed that they missed an opportunity when they named the black BB droid.

They should have called him BBc.

My wife got really mad at me earlier when I tried to force feed our young son...

"Just use the fork!" she said. "You're not a Jedi!"

What did the jedi tell his ex wife?

May divorce be with you.

How many Jedi does it take to screw in a hallway lightbulb?

None, because once you start down the dark path forever will it dominate your destiny.

What does a Jedi on a budget eat for dessert?

Only one Cannoli

What do you call a Mexican Jedi youngling?

A padajuan.

Did you know there was a Jedi from Italy who was really strict about diets?

His name was Only One Cannoli.

Why is a Jewish Jedi Master always an only child?

Because he has no Force-kin.

What do you call a family of jedi?

A force kin

Why don't Jedi parents let their kids use the Force at the dinner table?

Like any other parents, they believe children should not be Force-fed.

Why do jedi always burn their pancakes?

Because they wont turn over to the dark side.

Where did Luke Skywalker go shopping between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi?

Second Hand Store

What does a Jewish Jedi not have?

Force kin

A Sith, a Jedi, and a Mandalorian walk into a bar...

They start talking and after a few drinks the conversation shifts to cars. The Jedi living a life of austerity and frugality only has a 1991 Camry. The Sith and Mando laughs at him saying he has a Bad Car. The Sith having manipulated others into giving him their wealth shows off his McClaren F1. The patrons at the bar are amazed and even the Jedi has to admit it's a nice ride. They both end up saying it's a Good Car. The Mandalorian walks around the corner and after a few minutes comes screaming back on his jet pack and blows up the other cars. He has the Beskar.

How hot is the core of a Jedi lightsaber?


What do you call a nervous jedi?

Panikin Skywalker

Kenobi was wondering if he should become a Jedi

So Qui-Gon gave him this advice:

"Oh, be one."

Why do Star Wars Jedi absolutely hate having to open PDF files ?

Because attachments are forbidden.

Did you hear Disney is making Austin Powers into a Jedi?

It's called Obi-have

Why don't the Jedi have a navy?

Because sailing is a path to the dockside.

Why did the Jedi let a Korean into the order?

Because he was the Choson Wan

What do jedi younglings and jokes about youngling have in common?

They never get old.

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