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Last night my wife started calling me Jeb Bush.

I also pull out way to late.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush jump of a bridge. They do a race who hits the ground first. Who wins?


Why is Jeb! Bush still running for president?

Because the Bush family thinks that no child should be left behind.

Bush, Trump, Sanders, and Clinton are all on a plane about to crash.

A plane with Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders is about to crash, but has only 3 parachutes.
The first passenger yells, "I'm Jeb Bush, let the big dog eat! I can't
afford to die." he took the first parachute and jumped.
The 2nd passenger, Donald Trump runs screaming, "I'm the smartest man in the world & the next President of America. He grabbed the second parachute and jumped.
The 3rd passenger, Hillary Clinton, says to Bernie Sanders "Take the last parachute."
Bernie says, "It's ok Hillary, there is a parachute for both of us. The
world's smartest man just took my backpack."

Jeb Bush just tweeted a picture of a gun engraved with 'Gov. Jeb Bush' with the caption 'America'

At least he'll never have to get it re-engraved

Jeb and Jethro

Jeb and Jethro live in the hills, about 5 miles outside of town. Jeb asks Jethro to go in to town to pick up some lumber. Jethro walks the 5 miles to town to the local


"Jeb says we're gonna need some 4 x 2's" Jethro tells the yardman.

"Do you mean 2 x 4's?" asks the yardman.

"Well, I don't rightly know, I better go ask Jeb" says Jethro and walks the 10 miles to the hills and back to town.

"Jeb says we're gonna need 2 x 4's" Jethro tells the yardman.

"Now, how many 2 x 4's will you need?" asks the yardman.

"Well, I don't rightly know, I better go ask Jeb." says Jethro, and again walks the 10 miles to the hills and back to town.

"Jeb says were gonna need about 40 of 'em" Jethro tells the yardman.

"Now, how long will you need them?" asks the yardman.

"Well, I don't rightly know, I better go ask Jeb" says Jethro and yet again walks the 10 miles to the hills and back to town.

Upon returning Jethro says to the yardman, "Jeb says you better give 'em to us for a while . . . we're gonna build a barn."

Jeb Bush Unanimously Confirmed by Senate

for Secretary of Low Energy.

Why did Jeb Bush cross the road?

To get to the other side! ^^Please ^^Clap

There once was a man from Alabama . . .

He was a nice fellow. An unsophisticated hillbilly type but amicable to be around nonetheless. He was known as Catfish Jeb around the bayou because of that one time a catfish bit him in the . . .

Well, where the catfish bit him isn't important, now is it?

One day, very tragically, Catfish Jeb's wife and sister died. A terrible hunting accident where he was mistaken and thought he was shooting at a deer. Beyond distraught, Catfish Jeb hurried home to his cabin and called up his church's preacher, Bill.

Bill answered his phone right away, greeting happily in that churchy way. Despite the cheeriness, Catfish Jeb was in tears as he told the preacher what happened. "Ma wife and sis'ta are ded, Billy," he blubbered.

Bill was a little miffed; he hated being called Billy. But with the light of God always shining down upon him, he forgave Catfish Jeb the instant the misname left his lips. "I am terrible sorry to hear that, Jeb," the preacher consoled.

On the phone, Bill and Catfish Jeb arranged a funeral for the bumpkin's wife and sister to be held at the church. It was to take place that Sunday, right before the bake sale. They planned the flowers, the music. Bill agreed to have someone make pamphlets on the grieving redneck's behalf.

"One last thing, Joe," Bill said, pen poised in hand.

Catfish Jeb wiped at his eyes. "Yessa, preacher-man sir?" he simpered.

The preacher man pursed his lips. "Will you be needing one coffin, of two?"

What does Jeb Bush have in common with a threesome?

A lot of people think three bushes is one bush too many.

what do jeb bush and lance arm strong have in common?

everyone was disappointed with their last speeches and no one was disappointed when they dropped out of the race

Angry after the primary season, Jeb Bush had sex with a hooker, hoping to give her gonorrhea...

Please clap.

How did Jeb Bush end his speech at Bronycon?

*Please Clop*

What is Jeb Bush's campaign slogan?

Third time's the charm

If the Oval Office could be seen in VR

Jeb Bush might just fulfill his dream.

What did the Mexican wife say to her Husband?

You'll never be president, Jeb.

Jeb says hes good at fixing things and I don't doubt him...

People who voted in Florida during the 2000 presidential election know what I'm *talkin* about.

What did Jeb Bush say to his buttcheeks when he tried twerking?

Please Clap

Jeb Bush should come out as being gay to get the Jewish vote.

Jews have a strong record of listening to flaming bushes.

Jeb! should be called WTC 7

Never reaching the heights of his namesakes, and falling down without being hit by anything.

Bush Senior broke his neck

He was trying to show Jeb Bush how to dodge wrenches, hey Jeb if George can dog a shoe then I can dog wrench!

George Bush made Jeb Bush a pallbearer so he could let him down one last time.

Why did George H.W. Bush want Jeb to be one of his pallbearers?

So he could let him down one last time

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