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Chuck Norris is a wimp...

If he were really as badass as they say he is, he would walk in here right now and start slamming my face into the keybdilfvbasjklkjcbnacnbzcjkbs; fsidfbaa3048fhsdk;ufb fba'aspfj4hn4

What have a Giraffe and a JCB have in common?

One has high bollocks and ones got hydraulics.

There's a lot of talk surrounding the EU referendum at the moment. We've already heard from the boss' of JCB and Dyson; I'm just waiting to hear from Durex and their opinions on us pulling out.

What's yellow and looks good on a baby


What is the difference between a JCB and a giraffe?

One has hydraulics the other has high bolics.

What's the difference between a JCB and a Giraffe ?

Ones got Hydraulics and ones got Highbollocks

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