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What's the difference between a rock musician and a jazz musician?

A rock musician plays 3 chords for 20,000 people, and a jazz musician plays 20,000 chords for 3 people

Guys I really want to break up with my Jazz musician girlfriend but I can't

The Sax is too good

What does a rock artist say to a jazz musician?

To the airport please

What's the difference between a Blues musician and a Jazz musician?

A blues musician plays 3 chords to audiences of thousands.

A jazz musician plays thousands of chords to audiences of 3

Why do jazz musicians prefer to drive crappy old cars?

Because they're always making a new sound.

Musicians! How do you make one million dollars playing jazz?

You start with two mil. Ba-dum-tss!

BREAKING: American Jazz musician sentenced to 12 months in prison, legally changes name

Felonious Monk will be eligible for parole in 6 months

Don't upset jazz musicians

They might snap

Why do jazz musicians love Korea?

Because it's got Seoul.

My attempt to travel to North Korea to become a popular jazz musician failed.

Turns out they've got no Seoul.

What do you call a jazz musician who doesn't have a girlfriend?

A homeless person.

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Why would Koreans make great jazz musicians?

Because they have Seoul.

The jazz musician appreciated his wife allowing him to have extra practice time with his band...

...It was ragtime.

What is a jazz musician that got kicked out of the catholic church?


What did the DJ say to the jazz musician?

Take me to the airport.

What do you call a sad jazz musician?

Elvis Depressley

What do jazz musicians and sneakers have in common?

They put their soul on the track.

What's the difference between 2 large pizzas and a jazz musician?

2 large pizzas can feed a whole family

Why do jazz musicians drink gin straight?

Because they can never find the tonic.

Why do blind musicians only play jazz?

Because they can't read sheet music

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