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In Jamaica, a slice of pie costs $3.50. In the Bahamas, a slice of pie costs $5.50.

These are the pie rates of the Caribbean.

What's the earliest joke you can remember? Here's mine:

These two:

"My wife went to the West Indies"
"No, she went of her own accord."

"My wife went to the East Indies"
"No, she went by plane."

Why can't Jamaicans count to 10?

Because there's a *tree* in the way!

Jamaica joke, Why can't Jamaicans count to 10?

Jamaican Snowman

What's a Jamaican snowman's favorite song? ...... Snowoman no cry.

The Bride of Frankenstein

Dr. Frankenstein: I took the Bride Of Frankenstein to the Caribbean last month.

Igor: Jamaica?

Dr. Frankenstein: Yes.

What do you call glass cookware from Jamaica?

Pyrex of the Caribbean

A Jamaican man saunters into a bank

.. with a 25kg bag of marijuana and hands it over to the cashier. Shocked, the cashier asks.. What's this for!? The man, a Rastafarian, replies; "Me 'ere to open a joint account, mon!"

Jamaica joke, A Jamaican man saunters into a bank

What is a Jamaicans favorite country to visit?


What do fish in Jamaica smoke ?


I'll show myself the door.

Ever hear about the shampoo shortage in Jamaica?

It was dreadful.

A Jamaican went to the barber.

It was a dreadful experience.

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All these what?

Whenever a Jamaican women talks about "all these terrible shootings"

I'm never sure if they mean gun violence, or footwear accessories.

What do they call a list of athletes in Jamaica?

A rasta.

Don't get a Jamaican hairdo...

I did and I have been dreading it ever since.

So the Jamaican said to the Arab..

"Aye where you from? You from tha beach mon?" The Arab replied "Yemen!'

If Bob Marley is from Jamaica, then why does he have a song about being German and how he wants to be German with you?

Jamaica joke, If Bob Marley is from Jamaica, then why does he have a song about being German and how he wants to b

"It's too cold in Jamaica, I won't have any fun."

"Not with that latitude!"

If my friends and I torrent in Jamaica

Does that make us Pirates of the Caribbean?

What does a Jamaican Liar sit on?


What does a Jamaican do when he sees a spaceman?

He parks his car, man.

Have you heard about the shampoo crisis in jamaica?

It's dreadful

In Jamaica, how do you know if a mango is ripe?

PokΓ©mon Go!

Football game between Jamaica and Ethiopia. Final result?

Half the grass eaten, half the grass smoked.

What did the the Jamaican daddy spice say to his son when he was being bad?

Your a cinnamon

What did the Jamaican man say when asked why he didn't mind going to jail for stealing the Pikachu card?

I love the pokey, mon.

A Jamaican is asked, use Dandelion in a sentence ...

He then says ...
"The cheetah is faster dandelion"

What did the Jamaican say after winning the barefoot marathon?

"Da trill of victory always betta dan de agony of de feet!"

How do Jamaicans pleasure themselves?


What's the end result of a soccer game between Jamaica and Ethiopia?

Half the grass is smoked and the other half is eaten.

What do Jamaican Charizards eat in Hawaii?

Poke, mon.

Pie rates of the Caribbean joke

In Jamaica you can get a steak and kidney pie for Β£1.75, a chicken and mushroom pie for Β£1.60 and an apple pie for Β£2.15.
In St Kitts and Nevis a steak and kidney pie will cost you Β£2, a chicken pie (without mushrooms) is Β£1.70 and a cherry pie can be yours for Β£1.95.
In Trinidad and Tobago, that steak and kidney pie comes in at Β£2.50, but you can two for Β£3.50, while the chicken and mushroom pie is Β£2.25, or two for Β£3.25. They also offer meat and potato pie for Β£2, or two for Β£3. Their apple pies and cherry pies are often sold for Β£2.75, or two (any combination) for Β£4.75.
Those are the Pie Rates of the Caribbean

We're having a Jamaican themed hair day at work this Friday

I'm dreading it already

Why was the Jamaican surprised when he saw a bunch of Transformers flying over his house?

'Cause there were robots in de skies.

Have you heard about how much meat pastries cost in Antigua, Barbados, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Aruba, Trinidad and Tobago, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands?

You should have done, they are the pie rates of the Caribbean

Dad joke inc

Did you know that in Trinidad and Tobago is costs Β£2.50 for a pie and in Jamaica it costs Β£3?

These are the pie rates of the Caribbean.

In Jamaica it costs Β£3 for a steak pie, in Trinidad it's Β£2.50

These are the pie rates of the Caribbean.

A Jamaican guy asks another Jamaican guy...

"Hey mon, do you know what the thing that casts the shadow in a sundial is called?"

The other guy thinks for a moment and then responds: "Gnomon".

How can you tell if a car is from Jamaica?

Check the reggaestration..

How do Jamaica?

I don't know, Alaska

Why was the Jamaican footballer sad?

He was kicked off his team's rasta

Did you know that you can get a slice of lemon pie in cuba for $1.50 and in jamaica you can get key lime pie for $1.00?

Those are the pie rates of the carribean.

What's the difference between a wind chime from Germany and a wind chime from Jamaica?

Not a ting

How does a jamaican propose?

Marry Ju Wanna?

Why don't Jamaican people secure their homes?

Because they dread locks

1 slice of apple pie will cost you $2.45 in Jamaica. A slice of apple pie costs $3.75 in Trinidad and the same slice costs $4.45 in Barbados.

And those are the Pie-Rates of the Caribbean.

There was a football match between Colombia and Jamaica in 1967

It didn't go well, the Colombians sniffed all the white lines and Jamaicans smoked all the grass.

How do you know a car is from Jamaica?

.... It's on the reggaestration.

Did you know it's cheaper to buy pies in warm weather climates?

Cherry pie in Jamaica - $4.25
Blueberry pie in Cuba - $3.50

Those are some of the pie-rates of the Caribbean.

I've always wondered about the price of pies around the world

In the Bahamas they're $9 a pie.
In Jamaica they're $8 a pie.
In Cuba they're $7 a pie.

And those are the pie rates of the Caribbean.

I'm from Jamaica and if I got a dollar every time someone asked me if I smoked weed.

I'd have enough to buy a $50 bag every time I run out.

A chicken pie in Jamaica costs €2.00 A chicken pie in Trinidad costs €2.15 A chicken pie in St Kitts costs €2.40

These are the pie rates of the Caribbean.

How does a Jamaican close a prayer?

Ayy mon'

My Jamaican buddy is dating a Spanish chick. He doesn't like her granddad, Juan...

But he does like Hernando.

A slice of apple pie is Β£2 in Jamaica, a slice of apple pie is Β£2.40 in the Bahamas and a slice of apple pie is Β£1.70 in Barbados.

These are the pie rates of the Caribbean.

It's $2.50 for a pie in Jamaica, and $2.00 for a pie in the Bahamas....

The pie rates of the Caribbean.

A slice of pie is $2.50 in the Bahamas.

A slice of pie is $ 3.00 in Jamaica.

Those are the pie rates of the Caribbean.

Two cockney men were talking...

The first one says "So my wife sailed to the West Indies last year". The other one asks "Jamaica?". The first man answers "No, she went on her own accord".

my friend and i were talking about a recent holiday i'd been on

me: i took my girlfriend to a caribbean island last month
friend: jamaica?
me: no, she volunteered

Kamala Harris jamaican weed joke

Reporter: Have you ever smoked weed ?

Kamala Harris: Half my family's from Jamaica - are you kidding me?

Kamala Harris: I did inhale it !

Pirates of the Caribbean joke

A pie in Jamaica is usually 3 dollars. While a pie in the Bahamas is usually 4 dollars.

I know because I have always been a fan of the pie rates of the Caribbean.

Having a Jamaican hairstyle theme at work tommorow.

Im dreading it.

A slice of apple pie is $2.50 in Jamaica and $3 in the Bahamas

These are the pie rates of the Caribbean

An apple pie costs $2.50 in Jamaica.

The same apple pie costs $3.00 in the Dominican Republic.

These are the pie rates of the Carribean.

How often do Jamaican farmers milk their cows?

Every udder day

Why did the Jamaican spice dealer turn his life around?

Because he was a cinna-mon

Pricey Pies

Did you know a pork pie in Aruba costs $1.50? A cheese and spinach pie will cost you $2.60 in Barbados. An apple pie is only $1.30 in Jamaica whereas a pecan pie will set you back $3.50 in Grenada.

And those are the pie rates of the Carribean.

One Jamaican strolls up to another Jamaican in the park.

'Aright man, nice puppy ya gat there,' said the first Jamaican. 'What's it breed?'

The second Jamaican replied, 'Dis ting breed air like all da other puppies, man.'

The cost of pie

A slice of pie in Jamaica is 2.50
But in the Bahamas it's 3.00

The pie rates of the Carribean

An apple pie in Jamaica cost $2 and in Barbados its $1.90

Those are the pie rates of the Caribbean

I told my friend that my girlfriend went on holiday to the west indies.

He said "Jamaica"...

I said, "No, she went of her own accord." I then added, "For her next holiday, she's off to one of the coldest states in America."

He said "which one"

I said "Alaska".

He said, "don't bother. I'll ask her, myself."

Officials from Bangkok are attending a business meeting in Jamaica this weekend…

They're calling it a black-Thai event.

We got these little ceramic balls you put on a pie crust to keep it from bubbling up in Jamaica …

They were pie weights of the Caribbean.

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