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Two prisoners were waiting to be executed.

"Any last requests?" asked the jailer.

"Yes," replied one of the prisoners. "I love music, so before I die could you play 'Never gonna give you up' by Rick Astley."

And the second prisoner said: "Kill me first."

Blonde, Brunette, and a Redhead

So a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead committed some major crimes and were sentenced to death by the firing squad. The jailer come up to the redhead and takes her to where she needs to stand and asks her,
"Any last words?"
"Nope," replies the redhead.
The jailer says, "ready, aim, ...."
The redhead yells out, "TORNADO!!!"
They all look around but the redhead is gone.

The jailer, now angry, goes and gets the brunette and asks her, "any last words?"
"Nope," replies the brunette.
The jailer says, "ready, aim, ..."
The brunette yells out, "EARTHQUAKE!!!"
Everyone looks around but the brunette is now gone.

The blonde is now thinking to herself, "oh I get it, they are doing natural disasters!!" So the jailer comes and gets her, now furious beyond belief. "Any last words?" he asks.
"Nope," the blonde replies with a smile on her face.
So the jailer says, "ready, aim, ..."
The blonde yells out, "FIRE!!!"......

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