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  1. Monopoly is fun but it has some really old stuff that isn't valid anymore. There's free parking, a luxury tax and rich people can actually go to jail.
  2. Andrew Tate says his romanian jail is infested with lice. "Can you imagine sharing a cell with vile parasites?" Say the lice.
  3. I'm Black. So I can't be racist. But these suckers keep telling me that I am. "Jake, you can't call yourself Black just because you went to jail once. That is racist"
  4. Have a turkish joke A prisoner goes to the jail's library to borrow a book. The librarian says: "We don't have this book, but we have its author"
  5. Why did all the prisoners at the AT&T jail escape? Because they had no bars on their cells!
  6. A drunk wakes up in jail, "Why am I here officer?" "For drinking." replies the cop.
    "Great" says the man. "When do we start?"

    (credit to "Fact and Fun" on youtube)
  7. You can tell monopoly's an old game... ...because there's a luxury tax and rich people can go to jail
  8. You can tell Monopoly is an old game... ...because there's free parking, a luxury tax and rich people can actually go to jail.
  9. If you ever get thrown into jail Introduce yourself as the mitochondria...
    You're the powerhouse of the cell.
  10. My friend got jailed 6 months for pulling 4 people out of a burning building. Turns out they were firefighters.

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  1. what does 18 + 15 equal? Jail time
  2. Why is the white guy the scariest person in jail? You know he's guilty.
  3. If your debits and credits don't equal, then your assets in jail.
  4. Hey girl is your dad in jail... ...Because if I was your dad, I would be
  5. Wanna play Trump's new Monopoly game? Every place you land says *Go Directly to Jail*.
  6. Why did the ghost go to jail? He got arrested for possession.
  7. A guy was thrown into the jail for refusing to take a nap He was resisting a rest
  8. Why was the Energizer bunny thrown in jail? Because he was charged with battery.
  9. Why did the accordion teacher go to jail? He got caught in a squeeze play.
  10. Why did the accordion player go to jail? He was caught playing polka in a no-polka zone.
  11. What do you call a midget psychic that broke out of jail? A small medium at large
  12. And the Oscar goes to... Jail.
  13. Jesus can walk on water, Babies are 89% Water, I can walk on babies, I am... In jail.
  14. Why did the insomniac get thrown into jail? He was resisting a rest.
  15. If a man who stutters goes to jail, Does he end up with a longer sentence?

Jailed joke, If a man who stutters goes to jail,

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A cop once told me to take a nap...

I wasn't tired, so I got jailed for resisting a rest.

Two ex-cons talk to each other. The younger one says: "I was in for drugs. What did you do?"

The older man answers: "I was jailed for something I didn't do."
The young guy, intrigued, asks: "What was that? Did they set you up?"
The older shrugs: "Nah, I just didn't run fast enough."

Why was the guitar player jailed?

He fingered A minor

I'm writing a book about poets who have been jailed

It's called prose and cons

A rapper made an album while in prison. But everyone who bought it was jailed. Why?

Because they had a criminal record.

Fraudster who installs kitchen worktops for a living is jailed!!

Police say he was charged with counter fitting.

I got jailed when I performed a magic trick.

Apparently, when I make the kids disappear, I also have to make them reappear.

Man's just been jailed for stealing an advent Calender

He got 24 days

A man from England has been jailed for breaking lockdown while standing in for his father at work.

The Pheasant Pluckers defense team said It was one of the hardest sentences they'd come across.

Citizen of a secretive dictatorship - AMA!

[this user has been jailed]

In deference to his fame, Bill Cosby was jailed under a pseudonym.

There he is only known as 'Ben Dover'.

Dolce and Gabbana are to be jailed for tax evasion.

Looks like someone finally called the fashion police.

I realize there are some mediocre actors out there

Didn't realize Jussie Smollett had to be jailed for bad acting.

If Morgan is jailed for s**... assault..

Will he change his second name?

A retired Florida man was jailed for refusing to nap...

...he was resisting a rest.

Jailed joke, A retired Florida man was jailed for refusing to nap...