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Jackie Kennedy: "Not now. I have a headache."

John F Kennedy: "We do this, not because it is easy, but because it is hard!"

How was Jackie Gleason put into his casket?

Crammed in.

What do you call a muslim, jackie gleason impersonator?

Muhammed muhammed muhammena.

Why did Helen Keller fire her maid?

Cuz she left the plunger in the toilet. - Jackie Martling

The first thing I thought when I saw that House Republicans wanted more Congressional Bengazzara hearings...

"This seems a bit much, wasn't *that* bad as Jackie Treehorn"

I hope Jackie Chan doesn't go the way of Eddie Murphy...

I probably wouldn't be able to discern if he was playing every character in a movie or not.

Why did Jackie Chan go swimming?

Because it's offshore.

Jackie joke, Why did Jackie Chan go swimming?

You know those old movies with Jackie Chan

where he is reluctant to fight in the beginning, but then he warms up starts swinging like there is no tomorrow?! ... I'm the same way with drinking.

What's the difference between Jackie Chan and Kristen Stewart?

Jackie's bloopers go only after the movie ends.

What is Jackie Chan's favorite beverage?


What's the name of Jackie Chan's catholic brother?

Chris Chan

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What's Jackie Chan's favorite type of car?


Family potato

My friend hates his surname, Potato.
Not as much as as his wife Jackie does.

Why does Egypt not celebrate Father's Day?

Because they're so full of mummies

(As told by "Jackie chan" while cooking my lunch on the hibachi grill)

Why was Jackie mad at JFK?

Because he gave her a piece of his mind.

In honor of both Halloween and the release of documents on JFK's assassination

I decided to carve a pumpkin that looks like JFK's widow. It's my first Jackie O'Lantern.

Jackie joke, In honor of both Halloween and the release of documents on JFK's assassination

What did the British guy say to the hitchhiker with three eyes, one leg, and no arms?

Aye, Aye, Aye! You look 'armless! Hop in!

- Jackie forever

With all these celebrities getting outed for molesting kids, it's only a matter of time before Jackie Chan is exposed.

Like, do you have any idea how many times he told Jaden Smith to jacket off in the karate kid?

What's Jackie Chan's favourite dessert?

Why did Jackie Kennedy go to McDonalds?

Because Jack in the Box gives her nightmares.

How does Jackie Chan like his massages?

Jet Li.

If you watch a movie with Jackie Chan backwards...

You will get a documentary about a Chinese guy who assembles furniture with his feet.

How many Jackie Chans does it take to change a weebs light bulb?

One because hes the Onii Chan they need.

Why does Jackie Chan support United China?

'cause he doesn't support the Leeway

Great 1st Ladies of the United States have there own cause. Michelle Obama's: Your Truth, Melania Trump's: Be Best...

Jackie Kennedy's: Take your shot

Jackie: John, did you sleep with Marilyn Monroe?

JFK: I had to Jackie. Not because she was easy, but because I was hard

Jackie joke, Jackie: John, did you sleep with Marilyn Monroe?

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