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Of course trump will challenge the results. He will not take no for an answer.

Just ask Ivana trump, Jill hearth, Jean carrol, summer zervos, alva Johnson, Jessica leeds, Kristen Anderson, Lisa boyne, Cathy heller, temple McDowell, Amy dorris, Karena Virginia, karen Johnson, mindy mcgillivary, Jennifer Murphy, Rachael crooks, Natasha stoynoff, juillet huddy, Jessica drake, ninni laaksonen, Cassandra searless, Mariah billado, Victoria Hughes, Bridget Sullivan, Tasha Dixon, and Samantha holvey.

What was the name of Russia's first female traffic cop?

Ivana Pulyova

What are some of your good 'fake names'

Looking for some good joke names like:

Mike Hunt
Dixie Normous
Ivana fukalot

Guys, I just met the hottest woman. She's a Russian dominatrix.

Her name is Ivana Stepanyadick.

Donald Trump used to enjoy having first wife Ivana....

sit on his knees so he could raise and lower her. Guess not the first time he bounced a Czech.

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