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John wanted to kiss a princess, so he asked Paul for help.

Paul agreed, as long as they split the profits. Paul then made an itching powder and put it in the breakfast of the princess. When her mouth itched, Paul declared to the King that John had saliva that possessed healing powers. The King paid John to heal the princess, and John French-kissed the princess whole night. The day after, John refused to split the profits with Paul. So Paul put itching powder in the King's underwear. The King then called for John to heal him of his extremely itchy bottom. You know what happened.

When Juan told me he was scratching himself during a questionnaire, I was surprised.

After all, nobody expects the Spanish in-quiz itching.

Christmas Day accident

Grandpa woke up unusually early yesterday to celebrate Christmas with the family. He was half asleep still when went to the restroom to brush his teeth. In the early morning brain fog, he accidentally got his Polident mixed up with his Preparation H.

His gums aren't itching, but now, he can't get his underwear off!

Burlap pants are coming into fashion,

People are just itching to show off the new look.

Nixon's disease

The First Lady starts having trouble in her lady areas, so she visits the gynecologist.

The gynecologist takes her into the exam room and asks her what she's having trouble with, and she notes an itching sensation.

So the doctor looks under a magnifying loupe and sees that she has a case of the crabs.

Now he just has to break the news to her.

"Oh, God. How on earth am I gonna tell the First Lady she has crabs?"

He thinks.

So, after a minute or so of awkward silence, the doctor sighs and says

"I'm very sorry ma'am, but you appear to be suffering from nixon's disease"

"What's that?" She asks

"Well, you have bugs in your Oval Office".

joke of the day

A question on an internet forum:

Q: Please help, I have this great itching between my toes.

A: Well, that depends. If the itching is between all toes, consult a dermatologist. If the itching bothers you only between your two big toes, consult a gynecologist.

Coming back to London after his latest tour ended in Brazil, Phil Collins found that his head was itching.

He thought, "Hmm, I'd better see someone about this," and got himself to a doctor.

Sure enough, the doctor found small insects in his scalp. He asked, "Were you by any chance riding a llama with fleas?"

"No," Phil said, "it's all been alpaca lice."

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