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  1. Prank Caller- Hello! is your refrigerator running?? Me- No, but the dishwasher is..
    Prank Caller- Huh???
    Me- Yeah my wife's out on a jog...
  2. Is your refrigerator running?... Cause it would probably be a better president #fridge2k16
  3. [Arrested for prank calling] Cop: You get one phone call
    Me: Ok *excited
    *cop's phone rings*
    Me: Is your refrigerator running
  4. I got a phone call from some helpful people who wanted me to know a few things... But what I'd like to know is who put Prince Albert in a can and why is my refrigerator running?
  5. The girls I talk to are all refrigerators It's not because they're fat, but because they're always running!
  6. What's the difference between a refrigerator and a black man? A refrigerator doesn't get shot for running
  7. Is your refrigerator running?
  8. work refrigerator jokes I'm running out of puns for the office fridge clean out. I used to be cooler.
  9. Office fridge clean out jokes I'm running low on dad jokes about refrigerators Bc this is weekly thing.
  10. Hey is your refrigerator running? Shoot it, it could be a transformer.

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Is Your Refrigerator Running One Liners

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  1. Is your refrigerator running? If so, I may vote for it.
  2. Is your refrigerator running? Because I'd vote for it.
  3. Is your refrigerator running? Because refrigerator obesity is on the rise.
  4. Is your refrigerator running? Good, mine too. See you at the refrigerator race tomorrow.
  5. What do you call something that runs but never gets anywhere? A refrigerator.
  6. Is your refrigerator running? Better go catch it.
  7. Hey girl, are you an empty refrigerator? Because you don't have to be running
  8. your refrigerator running? I guess you're not in Puerto Rico.
  9. Is your refrigerator running? If so, you definitely don't live in Puerto Rico.
  10. Is your refrigerator running? Then you better go catch it!
  11. I saw a refrigerator call a cab once Guess he was tired of running.
  12. *Ring ring* Is your refrigerator running? No. Do you know someone who can fix it?
  13. Prankcalling the NSA like is my refrigerator running?
  14. Ehrlich Bachmann Is your refrigerator running? this is mike hunt.
  15. A cop left his refrigerator running... So he shot it.
    Ba dum tissss.

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Bill and Ted were at a bar...

Bill asked, "Hey where's Dave? Why isn't he here tonight?"
"Dave is dead," said Ted.
Ted said, "Well, he was supposed to pick me up, but when he got to my house, he hit my Ferrari in the driveway, flew through his own windshield, and crashed through my kitchen window."
"What a terrible way to die!"
"Well, no, that didn't kill him. He tried to get up off of my kitchen floor, and he grabbed the handle of my refrigerator door for balance, but the fridge tipped over. It knocked down my china cabinet as well, and everything fell on him."
"Flattened by a refrigerator? That's horrible!"
"That didn't kill him either. He managed to stand up but he fell again, this time into my fireplace. He caught on fire, and started running frantically about. Everything he touched caught on fire, and he looked like he was in a lot of pain."
"That's the worst thing yet! Oh man, poor Dave!"
"No, he was still alive after that."
"Wait, he survived all that? How exactly did he die?"
"Well, I shot him. He was destroying my house."

Is your refrigerator running?

...must've been made in France

Is your refrigerator running?

Oh it is? Cool! Then I'll see you at the race!

The eldest of three siblings comes up to his mother and asks: "Mommy, mommy, why is my name Leaf?"

"Well, honey," the mother says, "it's because when you were a little baby, a leaf landed on your head."
Satisfied, the child goes away.
Later, the middle child tugs at her mother's hand. "Mommy, mommy, why is my name Feather?"
"Well, darling," the mother says, "it's because when you were a little baby, a feather floated down and landed on your head."
The little girl smiles and goes on her way.
A few moments later the youngest child runs into the room and says: "WARGLBARGLAAHRGLB?"
The mother says: "Shut up, Refrigerator."

Is your refrigerator running?

Well I hope it can beat Hillary Clinton!

Is your refrigerator running?

You probably didn't notice because you were too busy looking for reposts

Is your refrigerator running?

Because it smells like feet.

Is your refrigerator running?


Is your refrigerator running?

No..then I am someone else refrigerator...

Me: Is you're refrigerator running?

Random Guy I'm Prank Calling: yeah
Me: Cause I'd vote for it, Refrigerator for pres 2020

Why did the refrigerator stop running

It ran out of juice

Is your refrigerator running?

That's nice... do you sell balloons?

Is your refrigerator running?

A man walks into a bar and is about to order a beer when he's interrupted by the bar phone ringing. The bartender answers. A voice asks, "Is your refrigerator running?" The bartender replies with a sigh. "Yes" The voice replies,"Good. Mine too. I'll see you at the refrigerator races tomorrow."

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