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  1. I've developed an irrational fear of escalators. I always find myself taking steps to avoid them.
  2. I knew a guy who had an irrational fear of overly intricate clusters of commercial buildings. He had a complex complex complex.
  3. I have an irrational fear of large intricate corporate buildings. You could say I have a complex complex complex.
  4. My friend asked me.."Are you scared of the Pi variant?" I said "Look , your fear is irrational"
  5. I have developed an irrational fear of elevators Thankfully, I can take steps to avoid them.
  6. Why was 7 afraid of π? Let's be real, his fear was irrational.
    Just another branch in the 7 ate 9 joke multiverse.
  7. Fear of hospitals Fear of hospitals isn't irrational. I went to 1 once for stomach pain and I had a kid following me ever since calling me mom!
  8. What is the irrational fear of Chuck Norris otherwise known as? A completely rational fear.
  9. [OC?I just heard that superstar Phil Collins has an irrational fear of eating an inauthentic Vietnamese noodle dish. He calls it faux-pho-phobia.
  10. Why is it called homophobia A phobia is an intense and irrational fear .
    I don't fear gay people .
    Gay people fear me .

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  1. Why is 6 afraid of pi? Most say it's an irrational fear
  2. My wife has an irrational fear of live music It's very disconcerting.
  3. I have a phobia of the square root of 2 It's just one of my irrational fears
  4. I have a fear of numbers which aren't the ratio of two integers. It's really irrational.
  5. A friend has a fear of pi. I keep telling him it's irrational, but he doesn't listen.
  6. What's another name for an irrational fear of clowns? Common sense.
  7. My psychiatrist asked me if I have any irrational fears… I was afraid that she'd ask that
  8. doctor help, I have an irrational fear of Vietnamese soup. "OK, that's a Pho-bia."
  9. I have an irrational fear of speed bumps I'm slowly getting over it
  10. I'm scared of the root of 2 It is an irrational fear
  11. For some reason, my friend is afraid of fractions. It's a completely irrational fear.
  12. What do you call an extreme and irrational fear of transformers? Transphobia.
  13. I'm irrationally scared of getting beaten up by a Lvl. 1 Crook That's how my fear works.
  14. Have you heard about the man with an irrational fear of empty spaces? Nothing scares him
  15. I have an irrational fear of giants. I have Fee Fi Phobia.

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So my friend absolutely will not, cannot carpool.

He just flat out refuses to carpool. He has this irrational fear that if he carpools and the car crashes in a tunnel, he'll be trapped because there are too many people in the car.
It's called Carpool Tunnel Syndrome.

What condition do incels have?

A irrational fear of objects.

What's a incels most common mental disorder

A irrational fear of objects

I have this wierd irrational fear of two letter words.

I get extremely scared just thinking about it.

I'm scared of π (pi).

I know. It's an irrational fear.

I used to scoff at the people preparing for the zombie apocalypse, thinking they were irrational alarmists

but then I had an encounter with corporate management and I now fear it may be too late.