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Best Short Iranian Jokes

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  1. An Iranian, Iraqi, Libyan, Somalian, Sudanese, Syrian and a Yemenite walk into a bar in america. Just kidding, they can't.
  2. Footballer Dwight Yorke just got denied entry to the US due to an Iranian stamp in his passport. Makes a change at least, most of his troubles are from briefly entering Jordan.
  3. Did you hear about the Iranian who punched a guy at the soccer game? Well, the Shiite hit the fan.
    Sorry if it's a repost. :p
  4. An Iranian goes to exchange some currency He asks the teller what the current rate is for the US Dollar.
    "Now, or... now?"
  5. Half of Iranians wants to drop headscarf laws -- believe that wearing a hijab should be a private choice. The other half are men.
  6. After Iran and Saudi Arabia cut ties Iranians stopped praying towards Mecca ... all their prayers are going to go to Spam anyway
  7. What's the similarity between a moth in a high end carpet retailer and an Iranian lesbian? They're both Persian rug munchers
  8. What do you call it when you run into the same Iranian in different bathrooms? Same Shiite different toilet.
  9. What do Iranian men tell their unemployed, underdressed wives? They tell them to get hijab.
  10. I did a genealogical DNA test and it turns out i'm actually Iranian. It does explain why I like to Babylon.
Iranian joke, I did a genealogical DNA test and it turns out i'm actually Iranian.

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Iranian One Liners

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  1. My dog's mother is from England and his father is from Iran He's a pom-iranian
  2. What do Iranians and Americans have in common? They both hate the US government
  3. You know how you play Iranian bingo? A-10, B-52, F-22, C-130
  4. What did the Iranians do after shoplifting? They-ran
  5. Why are camels referred to as "the ships of the desert" ? They are full of Iranian seman
  6. Where does the Iranian Air Force store all its flying craft? The carpet store
  7. What phone service does an Iranian monarchist use? Shaw.
  8. What do Iranians drink instead of water? Oil because they have so much of it
  9. have you ever had the Iranian tacos? I did, they made me blow it up.
  10. What do you call an Iranian with bulimia A purgin' Persian
  11. What do you call an honest Iranian businessman? Asif (As-if)
  12. Did you hear about the Iranian Monarch's accident? It was really Shah-king!
  13. Why did the Iranian women divorce her husband? He was a bagh dad.
  14. Why are Iranian women always eating? They can't stop getting s**...
  15. What did the Iranian men do when they saw a t**...? Tehran.

Iranian joke, What did the Iranian men do when they saw a t**...?

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What's the difference between American girls and Iranian girls?

American girls get s**... BEFORE s**....

An Iranian man comes home to his wife

He says :" Honey! Honey! I missed the bus today and chased it all the way home. I saved myself 2 dollars!"
The wife responds: " you idiot! You should've chased the taxi. You could have saved 20 dollars!"

Two Israelis are sitting on the beach in Tel Aviv, reading.

One has got a quality newspaper, the other an antisemitic rag. "Why on earth are you reading that?" one asks. "I used to read a quality paper like you," the other sighs, "but I couldn't handle it any more – the rockets from Gaza and Hezbollah getting stronger every day and the Iranian nuclear programme and the suffering economy and growing antisemitism across Europe…" He points to the antisemitic rag. "Now I read this and I feel much better. Turns out there's actually a Jewish global conspiracy and we control the entire world."

America just sent the Curiosity rover to Mars...

America just sent the Curiosity rover to Mars as the country watched with pride. Iran, wanting to gain a technological/global edge, decided to show up America by announcing a manned mission to the sun the very next day. The Americans, along with other western allies, decided to meet with the Iranian government to express their concern. In a conference room filled with diplomats and astrophysicists, the US delegation protested to the Iranians, Listen. Differences aside, we can't let you send people to the sun. It's s**.... They burn to death even at far distances! Please don't carry out this mission! The Iranians laughed wittily amongst themselves, jabbing each other with elbows and pointing at the westerners as one Iranian says, s**... Americans! They think we're going during the daytime!

A traditional Iranian joke

A man has a very bad case of worms so he goes to very famous doctor. the doctor assesses his case and says go to the market buy the biggest juicy watermelon you can find, cut off one end drop your pants and sit on it. The worms will go into it and leave your body. So the guy does just that and when he sits down the king worm comes out tastes the watermelon and says " bring it in boys"!

The President of Iran calls Trump & tells him "I had a dream last night...."

"New York was in ruins & aflame, with Iranian flags flying above."
Trump replies: "Funny, I had a dream last night too. Teheran beautiful and prosperous, happy people celebrating in the streets, with big banners hanging everywhere."
"What did the banners say?", asked the Iranian President.
"I don't know," Trump answers, "I can't read Hebrew."

So an Israeli and an Iranian are sitting under a tree...

A caterpillar falls on the Israeli, who looks at it in disgust and flicks it onto the Iranian. The Iranian pops it into his mouth and eats it without a second glance.
A few minutes later, another caterpillar lands on the Israeli. The Israeli turns to the Iranian and says, "Would you like to buy a caterpillar?"

An American and an Indian board a plane to LAX,

Indian sits next to American.
American asks: What kind of "ian" are you?
- What?
- I said What kind of "ian" are you?
- I don't understand your question.
- s**...! Are you Cambodian, Indian or Iranian?
- Oh! I am Indian.
2 hours passed without a word.
Indian asks: What kind of "key" are you?
- What?
- Are you a monkey, donkey, or Yankee?

2 Iranian Religious Leaders

...are discussing some of the finer points of sharia law. The first exclaims after a silent minute of intense googling, "Huh, I guess you were right!"
The second says "Ayatoldyah!"

Two Iranian soldiers find a couple of American rockets while on patrol

One says: "they probably fell without blowing up, lets load them up and take them back to base"
The other says: "But what if one of them blows up on the way back?"
He replies: "We will tell them we only found one"

Not for you

A Christian Armenian man walking by the border of Armenia and Iran sees a few Iranian men pushing a car stuck in a ditch. Every time the Iranian men push they yell allah akbar! 1.. 2... 3... Allah akbarrr! As the Armenian man joins in pushing the car, the Iranians are surprised to hear the Christian man also yell allah akbar. One Iranian man says allah is our god not yours, why do you call on his name? The Armenian man replies "I'm not going to work my god for your a**..."

Why did the iranian chicken cross the road?

They were trying to hang him after he took a mouth full of ba-c**...

Islamic Star Trek?

The Iranian Ambassador to the UN had just finished giving a speech, and walked out into the lobby of the convention center where he was introduced to a United States Marine Corps General.

As they talked, the Iranian said, "I have just one question about what I have seen in
America ."
The General said, "Well, is there anything I can do to help?"
The Iranian whispered, "My son watches this show called 'Star Trek' and in it there
is Kirk who is Canadian, Chekhov who is Russian, Scotty who is Scottish, Uhura who is black, and Sulu who is Japanese, but there are NO Muslims. My son is very upset and doesn't understand why there aren't any Iranians, Iraqis, Afghans, Egyptians, Palestinians, Saudis, Syrians, or Pakistanis on 'Star Trek'.

"The General leaned toward the Iranian Ambassador, and whispered in his ear, "That's because it takes place in the future..."

I was reading about the 1979 Iranian Revolution...

... I guess Mohammed Reza Khan must have been Shah-kd.

Iranian joke, I was reading about the 1979 Iranian Revolution...

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