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America just sent the Curiosity rover to Mars...

America just sent the Curiosity rover to Mars as the country watched with pride. Iran, wanting to gain a technological/global edge, decided to show up America by announcing a manned mission to the sun the very next day. The Americans, along with other western allies, decided to meet with the Iranian government to express their concern. In a conference room filled with diplomats and astrophysicists, the US delegation protested to the Iranians, Listen. Differences aside, we can't let you send people to the sun. It's suicide. They burn to death even at far distances! Please don't carry out this mission! The Iranians laughed wittily amongst themselves, jabbing each other with elbows and pointing at the westerners as one Iranian says, Stupid Americans! They think we're going during the daytime!

How do we know Iran doesn't have weapons of mass destruction?

You can't destroy mass, silly.

2 Iranian Religious Leaders

...are discussing some of the finer points of sharia law. The first exclaims after a silent minute of intense googling, "Huh, I guess you were right!"

The second says "Ayatoldyah!"

Iran joke, 2 Iranian Religious Leaders

Yesterday, Iran asked the U.S. for an extension on disabling their nuclear program.

When asked how much time they needed, they said, 10, 9, 8…

Apparently France wanted to change their name after WWII.

Unfortunately the name Iran was already taken.

The people of Iran don't watch The Flintstones...

but the people of Abu Dhabi do!

An Iranian man comes home to his wife

He says :" Honey! Honey! I missed the bus today and chased it all the way home. I saved myself 2 dollars!"

The wife responds: " you idiot! You should've chased the taxi. You could have saved 20 dollars!"

Iran joke, An Iranian man comes home to his wife

I was Hungary...

so Iran to Turkey

Why dont they have Drivers Education and Sex Education class on the same day in Iran

Because it would kill the camel

Do you know how I got out of Iraq?


After Usain Bolt retires, he'll move to Iran.

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In Iran, people are afraid of spiders...

But in Iraq, no phobia

What did I do when I had a bomb strapped to me chest?


In Iran, everyone's scared of spiders..

But in Iraq, no phobia.

What's the Shah's favorite band?

Iran Maiden

How did I get out of Afghanistan?


Iran joke, How did I get out of Afghanistan?

Have you heard of the new running shoes that Apple's producing for the soldiers in middle East?

They're calling it iRan.

"Persian sonic, why are you tired?"


So the 2017 World Chess Championships are being held in Iran. There's going to be some rule changes:

Queens won't be able to move without the king's permission, and bishops will face summary execution for spreading the word of the false prophet

How did I get out of Iran?


I met a refugee on the bus today.

"What country are you from?" I asked.

"Iraq" he said.

"How did you escape?" I asked.


I was banned from the Middle East, so this is what I did...


Iran bans Americans from traveling there.

Won't beheading there anymore

An Iranian, Iraqi, Libyan, Somalian, Sudanese, Syrian and a Yemenite walk into a bar in america.

Just kidding, they can't.

Wanna know how I got away from ISIS?


Wanna know how I got to the Middle East?


How did I escape Afghanistan?


My friend from the middle east was telling me his story about how he left his home country. The story is rather short , all he said was...

Iran away.

How did i escape Iran?

I ran

Have I ever told you guys about how I escaped from the Middle East?


Oman the whole story is ridiculous.

I basically had to Qatar cross the border.

Just like Bon Jovi, I was basically Lebanon a prayer the whole time.

I know it doesn't sound like a true story, but I assure you Israel.

Honestly I could tell you more but it Kuwait.

Match the middle eastern country to its sworn enemy...

- Bahrain
- Lebanon
- Qatar
- United Arab Emirates
- Egypt
- Syria
- Jordan
- Iran
- Iraq
- Saudi Arabia
- Algeria
- Morocco
- Yemen
- Oman
- Kuwait

1. Israel

What do Iranians and Americans have in common?

They both hate the US government

Why did the gay man want to go to Iran?

He heard all the gays were hung .

What country is slower than Iran?


What's the difference between a drug-addict in Amsterdam and a homosexual in Iran?

Only one gets stoned and lives.

If you get caught stealing in most countries, the police take your fingerprints and release you...

If you get caught stealing in Iran, the police take your fingerprints and you don't get them back.

How did I escape from the Middle East?


People always ask me how l escaped Iraq and l always tell them the same thing...


Why couldn't the flock of seagulls get to the Middle East?

Because Iran so far away

What did I do when I accidentally landed in Iraq?


The President of Iran calls Trump & tells him "I had a dream last night...."

"New York was in ruins & aflame, with Iranian flags flying above."

Trump replies: "Funny, I had a dream last night too. Teheran beautiful and prosperous, happy people celebrating in the streets, with big banners hanging everywhere."

"What did the banners say?", asked the Iranian President.

"I don't know," Trump answers, "I can't read Hebrew."

What did the Arab Nations say when Iran blockaded the Strait of Hormuz?


I really wanna go to the Flock of Seagulls concert in the middle east...

But Iran so far away.

When asked if he would be called a Governor in Iran, Admiral Ackbar said, "No..."

"...It's Satrap."

I was gonna catch the bus in Iraq,

but Iran

How I escaped Iraq

Q: How did you escaped Iraq?

A: Iran

i got hit by iraq

so iran

What did a flock of seagulls say when they realized it would take them a long time to fly to the Middle East?

Iran, Iran so far away

What did I do when Iraq was attacked?


I was studying abroad in the Middle East, when a flock of seagulls attacked

Iran so far away.. 'Couldn't get away

Do you know how I got from Iraq to Pakistan?


After World War 2, France seriously considered changing its name.

Unfortunately Iran was already taken.

A flock of seagulls wanted to fly to Iran...

..but Iran so far away!

That weird middle eastern guy insisted on giving me a ride home


Iran has announced a controversial move to reopen outdoor markets

Experts have described the move as a bazaar decision

This one time a Persian guy tried to fight me


Not for you

A Christian Armenian man walking by the border of Armenia and Iran sees a few Iranian men pushing a car stuck in a ditch. Every time the Iranian men push they yell allah akbar! 1.. 2... 3... Allah akbarrr! As the Armenian man joins in pushing the car, the Iranians are surprised to hear the Christian man also yell allah akbar. One Iranian man says allah is our god not yours, why do you call on his name? The Armenian man replies "I'm not going to work my god for your ass"

I was going for a walk in the desert in Afghanistan.

Off in the distance I saw what I thought was a mirage but as I got closer I could see it's wasn't a mirage, Israel.

It was two men arguing, so I tried to calm the situation down but they turned against me. The one man threw Iraq, so Iran all the way home.

Agitated by the encounter I told my wife I wanted to get revenge for the assualt, but she calmed me down and assured me it Kuwait.

I used to have a Persian girlfriend..

But Iran away.

What did the Arab say when he got home from the gym?


What did I do to get out of Iraq?


Trump and McConnell are in a restaurant

They are discussing their plans to invade Iran. A man walks by their table, intrigued by their conversation and asks them what they are talking about.

Trump explains to the man, We're going to invade Iran and kill 10 million Iranians and one bicycle repairman.

The man exclaims, Why would you kill a bicycle repairman!

Trump turns back to McConnell and tells him, See, I told you no one would care about the 10 million Iranians!

Someone told me to go back to my own country

So Iran

In Iran, everyone is so very afraid of spiders.

But in Iraq no phobia.

My dog's mother is from England and his father is from Iran

He's a pom-iranian

Nation dialogue

You know, I was very Hungary one day, so I went to go Czech the fridge. I managed to find some Turkey that was leftover from Thanksgiving, but it was all covered in Greece. So I closed the fridge and Czech'd the pantry. I saw a Canada beans, so I grabbed them and microwaved them, but it exploded. My mom says that Iran out of diversity with food, and that I needed to expand on that. She also mentioned we need to get groceries. I said "Denmark my words, I shall go to the grocery store!".

You know why Iran's new navy has glass bottom ships...?

So they can see the old Iran navy.

You know how I escaped from Iraq?


Why doesn't A Flock Of Seagulls perform in the Middle East?

Because Iran so far away.

Two Iranian soldiers find a couple of American rockets while on patrol

One says: "they probably fell without blowing up, lets load them up and take them back to base"

The other says: "But what if one of them blows up on the way back?"

He replies: "We will tell them we only found one"

In Iran, everyone is terrified of spiders, but apparently..

In Iraq no phobia..

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