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My kid damaged my iphone so I am giving it away

He is 3 years old, blue eyes, blue hair...

How do you milk sheep?

Bring out a new iPhone and charge $1000 for it.

My 7 year old nephew showed me with pride the "telephone" he had just made from a string and two tin cans...

I pulled out my iPhone and said, "That's nice, but look at what kids your age make in China!"

Iphone joke, My 7 year old nephew showed me with pride the "telephone" he had just made from a string and two tin

What do Donald Trump & the iPhone 7 have in common?

They both think de-porting is the answer when there's no more Jobs.

Latvian man goes to buy iPhone..

Premise ridiculous! iPhone cannot be use to farm potato.
Also, salesman die of malnourish.

When is an Iphone not an Apple?

When there's two of them. Then it's a pear.

I'll never forget my Grandfather's last words to me...

"no the top one is your iphone charger, the bottom one is my life support." or something like that.

Iphone joke, I'll never forget my Grandfather's last words to me...

Just saw on the news that Apple is suing Samsung:

They claim that the Galaxy S3 has copied concepts used on the iPhone 6.

What's 6" long, bent to the left, and in the front of my pants??

My iPhone 6.

What has everyone been doing at Apple since the problems with the iPhone 6 started?

Looking for Jobs.

Know how the iPhone 6+ was invented by men?

Only men would call something that measures 5.5 inches, "six plus"

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The CEO of Apple came out gay...

Now we know why the iPhone 6 can't stay straight

What is the most common question asked by iPhone users?

"Does anyone have a charger I could use?"

I just picked up the Germanwings iPhone app...

When I switched on airplane mode, it locked me out of the phone and then crashed.

Some people think that the next iPhone will fail

But I think it'll be a 6S.

I jumped into the pool with my iPhone....

It's syncing now

Iphone joke, I jumped into the pool with my iPhone....


-Sent from iphone 6

The next iPhone won't be a failure

In fact, it'll be a huge 6S.

The iPhone 6S+ has been doing really well so far...

It seems to be a huge 6S

Apple's new iphone sold over 13M units this past weekend

I guess you can say it was a 6S

What do you call an iPhone 6S that ran out memory space.


A drunk guy calls a radio station...

...and tells the RJ,"I found this purse outside Raven's club. It has 1500 dollars in cash, a credit card, an iPhone 6s, and a driving license with Rebecca's name on it."
The RJ asks in an impressed tone,"It was good of you to call us. Do you need my help contacting her so that you can return the purse?"

"No. I just wanted to request a sad song for Rebecca."

Why did the Stormtrooper buy an iPhone?

Because he couldn't find the Droid he was looking for.

If the FBI needs to get into someones's iPhone without permission..

They should just call U2 and ask how they did it

Apple is advertising the new iPhone as "The most powerful four inches ever."

I can't believe they stole my slogan.

How do you blow up a Muslim's iPhone?

Put it into airplane mode.

Spotting Idiots Online

I wish there was some way to identify idiots online.

Sent from my iPhone

Hi, I'm black, and I can't stand it when people assume we're all criminals

-Sent from your iPhone.

Anyone exciting about the iPhone 7? I do

Because it will bring down the price of iPhone 6, which lead to iPhone 5's price to drop too. Finally, i'll have enough money to buy an iPhone 4

Why did Rose not buy the iPhone 7

Cause it didn't have a Jack

Apple woke up their lead designer in the middle of the night

To ask him about ideas for the new iPhone.
The disgruntled designer told them "Jack off".
The marketing department found the idea fantastic.

The iPhone 7 may be revolutionary and everything....

But the Samsung Note 7 blows you away.

So the iPhone 7 gets arrested...

He puts on his earpods and smugly declares "sorry, you can't charge me while I'm using my headphones".

It turns out the iPhone 7 is illegal.

It got de-ported

What do the iPhone 7 and the Titanic have in common?

There's no room for jack, on both of them

Why can't a Samsung be disguised as an iPhone?

Because eventually, its cover would be blown.

I got a free iPad and iPhone today.

It's like... this gun is magic!!!

Have you seen the new iPhone card trick?

It's the one where all the jacks dissappear

My girlfriend is like an iPhone 7.

I wish I had an iPhone 7.

What does an iPhone 7 and The Titanic have in common?

The end has no Jack.

I just got an iPhone 7S for my wife

I thought that was a good trade

I just got arrested for using my iPhone

It looks like I'm going to Face Time

Why doesn't Captain Picard have an iPhone

He already has an android, and it came with a data plan.

What do new iPhones and Donald Trump have in common?

Both cost more than they're worth and create the illusion of superiority without ever delivering.

I hate being poor

Sent from my iPhone

Guys I just recently bought a 256GB iPhone 7 Plus, my son dropped it and the screen shattered. Anyways I'm doing a giveaway!

The kid is 8 years old, cute, thin and not really tall.

I really hate people who brag about their expensive stuff

Sent from my iPhone 7 Plus

EDIT : had to manage as my MacBook Pro ran out of battery

You know Apple is run by men...

when they call it an iPhone 6+ and it's only 5.5 inches.

Tesla have announced they are going to build the worlds biggest battery.

Yet it still won't last a day on an iPhone

I just purchased a new iPhone 7 Plus, and my son dropped it, So i'm giving it away.

He's 8 years old, tall and quite thin. Good with pets.

The iPhone 8/10 unveiling was pretty great

But the 9/11 announcement will be pretty awkward and unforgettable next year

My wife is so ugly...

she walked past the walrus enclosure at Sea World, and her iPhone X unlocked itself.

So I heard the new Iphone is gonna have that new Stephen King movie preloaded onto it.

Yeah. X is gonna give IT to ya.

Look, dumbass, I've got your phone!

Owner looks at iPhone, iPhone unlocks, thief runs off with it.

If apple released iphone 8 and 10 this year

Would it release nine eleven next year

Edit : my first 24 hours top 10 thanks all

The iPhone X removes the home button.

Meaning you'll be homeless on several different levels.

What's the difference between an iPhone X and one ounce of gold?

An ounce of gold will still be worth a grand next year.

I just bought an iPhone X

It still hurts where my kidney used to me.

It took guts to buy the new iPhone X

Specifically, both my kidneys, my pancreas, and my large intestine.

How do you milk a sheep?

Release another iPhone for $1000.

-Credit to my buddy at work

The iPhone X

Is a top-notch smartphone

The cost of dropping your phone on the floor

If you drop your iPhone on the floor the cost of getting the phone repaired is 149$.

If you drop your HTC on the floor the cost of getting the phone repaired is 200$.

If you drop your Nokia on the floor the cost of getting the floor repaired is 2000$.

Husband on second day of marriage :-

He went to the makeup artist who did his wife's bridal make up, and gifted her a beautifully packed iphone X box.

Make up artist opened the box with great happiness but was suddenly depressed to see a Nokia 1100.

Husband smiled and said "same feeling I had when I saw my wife this morning"

I just gave a homeless guy 530 dollars and my new iPhone x

He was so happy he even put his knife back in his pocket

Why did the stormtroppers buy iPhone?

Cuz they couldn't find the droids they were looking for

Did you hear that Apple is coming out with YET ANOTHER new iPhone model?

Critics are calling it the iPhone Xs.


What do you call an angry mob of sheep?

Users with an old iPhone

Asked my iPhone, Surely I don't need an umbrella today? . Siri replied Yes, and don't call me Shirley .

Turns out I left Airplane mode on.

I just got the new iPhone for my wife

All things considered a pretty good trade.

So i beat a guy up with a dead iphone

charged for battery.

Since this year they launched the iPhone 8/X

We'll probably get to see 9/11 next year

A man told his friend he won an iPhone in a race.

The friend says "Oh, wow! How many people were in the race?"

and the man says "Just the policeman, the phone's owner and I."

I'm selling an almost brand new iPhone X with a minor issue for $50

Issue: the owner is calling

I really like the iPhone X

It's the only thing that gets turned on by looking at me

Whoever lost their iPhone outside the bar

Please stop ringing my new phone.

My girlfriend made me pick between either the iPhone or her

(Sent from my iPhone)

iPhone Found Dead

Later charged with battery

I renamed my iPhone The Titanic

So when I plug it in my computer it says The Titanic is syncing.

How can you milk a sheep?

Release a new iPhone.

Guys i just bought a 256GB iPhone 11, my brother dropped it and the screen shattered. Anyways I'm doing a giveaway!

The kid is 6 years old, cute, thin and not really tall.

A journalist asked Tim Cook why iPhones are so expensive

"Well", said Tim Cook, "that's because the iPhone replaces a whole bunch of devices. A phone, a camera, a watch, a music player, a video player, a PDA, a voice recorder, a GPS navigator, a flashlight, a calculator, a portable gaming console, and many other things. Surely, a high price is worth paying to replace so many devices!"

"Then why are Androids so much cheaper?", asked the journalist.

"Because," said Tim Cook, "an Android replaces just one device. The iPhone."

How do you milk sheep?

Release new iPhone with less accessories

I bought my 5-year-old a toy iPhone that looks like a real one

Now someone keeps calling about an extended warranty on his Little Tikes car.

What does an iPhone thief and a prisoner have in common ?

They both face time.

Today I gave an iPhone and $500 to a homeless guy.

You will never know the happiness I felt when he put his gun away.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Because no-one can afford an iPhone AND medical insurance.

Don't be worried about your iPhone and laptop spying on you

Your vacuum cleaner has been gathering dirt on you for years.

Why can't the math nerd ever use the smartphone developed by Apple?

Because the iPhone is imaginary for him.

My son broke my new iPhone, so I'm giving it away free....

He can do a few chores and is great with pets.

Why isn't the iPhone charger...

....not called Apple Juice ?

I renamed my iPhone "The Titanic"

Now, when I plug it in, it informs me: The Titanic is syncing.

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