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Make your science class laugh with these funny jokes and puns about ionic bonds. Learn why they involve yttrium, protons, and anions and get the latest jokes from the chemistry world. Have fun!

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Funniest Ionic Short Jokes

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  1. One atom asks a hipster atom, "Hey, did you lose an electron?" The hipster atom replies, "No, I'm just being ionic."
  2. You would think that atoms bonding would mean they're being friendly to eachother But instead they steal each others electrons.
    How ionic.
  3. Ionic humor Two atoms are walking down the street. One suddenly says, I just lost an electron.
    The other is concerned. Are you sure?
    I'm positive!
  4. A chemist walks into a bar... And sees NaCl being beaten up. He asks, "Is that ionic compound being attacked?" The bartender replies, "No, it's a salt"
  5. What do you call when a metal shares the negative energy to his non-metal bestfriend? an ionic bonding moment
  6. The difference between Sean Connery and a Silica Tetrahedron One's an ionic bond, the other's an iconic Bond.
  7. You'd think that when two atoms in a salt bond, they're being kind by sharing electrons, but actually, one atom is stealing the electron from the other. Isn't it ionic?
  8. A hipster atom says "I think I lost an electron!" Another atom asks "Are you sure?" to which the hipster atom replies "NO I was just being ionic."
  9. The three orders of classical columns are Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. Sometimes Ionic is called Ionian. I guess it's a less charged word.
  10. what do you call it when an atom's favourite letter is r but it cant pronounce the letter r? ionic

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Ionic One Liners

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  1. The name's Bond. Ionic bond. Taken, not shared.
  2. Metallica and Nonmetallica should come together... To form a ionic band
  3. What do you call an ionic compound carrying a gun A salt with a deadly weapon
  4. I saw a Doric temple in Corinth today Pretty Ionic don't you think?
  5. The name in Bond... Ionic Bond! I prefer my electrons taken, not shared!
  6. I'm positive I lost an electron bumping into that anode. Isn't that ionic?
  7. How is Liam Neeson and an ionic bond alike? They are always having something get taken.
  8. Did you hear about the hipster compound? It's ionic.
  9. Sodium and chloride... Name a more ionic duo
  10. Why were the Persians attracted to the Anatolian Greeks? Because they were Ionic.
  11. What is the least attractive binary ionic compound? Iron (II) oxide
  12. She has such an ionic character She's taking all my electrons

Ionic joke, She has such an ionic character

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