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  1. There's this hot girl in my college writing class. Her body is a 10, but her intro and conclusion need some work.
  2. How many pornstars does it take to screw in a lightbulb? I don't know... I skipped the intro.
  3. Why do so many Muslim students take Intro to Engineering? They heard it was a great place to find 72 virgins.
  4. Coincidentally, my friend asked me if I knew who Pavlov was while I was taking my intro to Psychology class. I told him: "yeah, that name rings a bell"
  5. Late to Fight Club Was late to my Fight Club last night so I missed the intro rules. I love Fight Club, I'd highly recommend Fight Club.
  6. Army Movie Intro Speech... His name was Jack Parts.
    He joined the army just like his old man.
    He was now known as Private Parts.
  7. Joke: In my intro to archaeology lab, I had a pop-quiz about bones in the human body I couldn't find that humerus either
  8. What's the difference between the walking dead intro and the credits? About 5 minutes nowadays
  9. What did the feminist say in her intro to computer programming course? I hate this class, it keeps objectifying me!
  10. What did Bill say when Frank told him he was having trouble playing the intro on "Nothing Else Matters"? Don't fret

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Intro One Liners

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  1. When your body is a solid 10 But your intro and conclusion need work
  2. Why is Ross from Friends always in the fountain in the intro? Because he's a Schwimmer
  3. Which people are always seen first? An Intro-vert.
  4. My rapper name would be Lil Intro Vert
  5. When it comes to Netflix and Chill, They call me Skip Intro.
  6. A man walks into a bar *Ali A's intro starts playing
  7. What do you call an anti-social milk product? An intro-gurt!
  8. I had a dream that the Netflix 'Skip Intro' button was removed... Literally unwatchable.
  9. I don't like the intro to Ice Ice Baby... It puts me Under Pressure.
  10. The NBA all star intro
  11. when professor starts lecturing on first day of intro physics Can we0
  12. Is it really true that girls focus on a guy's body? cuz I'm mostly intro and conclusion

Intro joke, Is it really true that girls focus on a guy's body?

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He introduced her as his girlfriend.

Then he introduced her as his wife.
Then the three started quarrelling.

How many introverts does it take to change a light bulb?

Why must it be a group activity?

What is the best introduction you can think of for this punchline?

My friends and I are absolutely convinced that there is no possible way to create a funny joke out of this:
"And that's why they invented dry cleaners"

How do you tell an introvert and an extrovert mathematician apart?

When talking to you, the extrovert mathematician looks at *your* shoes.

Why did the introduction and the conclusion break up?

They were just never on the same page...


- Nationality?
- Russian
- Occupation?
- No, just visiting.

Why aren't there any introverted s**... b**...?

They have a hard time sharing what's inside with strangers.

So an introvert throws a party for introverts...

Needless to say there was a shortage of corners in the house.

As an introvert, I love my wife.


The introduction of Yoga Pants have been found to be the cause of a 0.65 drop in the GPA of Males.

I dont have significant data to back this up, But i have some notes from college that show causation.

I'm so introverted I won't even talk to myself.

Two introverts go to a bar.

They leave immediately.

How do you know if an introvert likes you when you're talking to them?

They'll stare at your shoes instead of theirs.

I introduced my girlfriend to my family today.

My kids really liked her but my wife seemed mad.

Introducing new Beats by Chris Brown

Now available in black and blue

How do you know that an introvert likes you?

He looks at your shoe instead of his.

Why did the introvert polish his shoes regularly?

So he could look at others' faces.

An introvert looks down at his own shoes.

An extrovert looks at other people's shoes.

I introduced my girlfriend to my family the other day.

My wife was so mad.

How do you introduce an exhausted red vegetable to a steak?

"Beat beet, meet meat."

I introduced my mouse to my keyboard today...

It was awkward at first, but then they just clicked.

Introducing the nihilist dating agency

... for people who have nothing in common

I introduced my new boyfriend to my family last night

Everyone was totally fine with it except for my wife

Hello, I'd like to introduce you to my friend. He's a Jewish Barista.


As an introvert I've always wanted to star in a sitcom

Most of your social interaction occurs with the people you live with and lasts about 21 minutes a day.

Two introverts walk into a bar...

They don't say anything.

Introverts unite!

Separately in their own homes

Two introverts walk into a room...

One leaves

An introvert walks into a bar...

And then leaves

So, I introduced my gf to my family today...

I still don't know why my wife hates her so much.

How many introverts does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Does it really have to be a group task?

You think you are introverted?

Wait until you never meet me.

I'm introducing my girlfriend to my parents for the first time tonight

I told my girlfriend my parents were partially deaf, so she has to speak loud and slow. I told my parents my girlfriend is r**........this should be an interesting night.

Why do introverts identify so much with Thor's brother?

Because he's low-key.

How many introverts does it take to change a light bulb?


The UK have just introduced a new law

Whenever you buy Mayonaise it's now compulsory that you buy Cabbage and Carrots with it. They're referring to it as Coles Law

I introduced a miner to some heavy metal.

The Miner really digs the music.

How do you introduce a hamburger?

Meet patty... badum tss

Whenever I introduce myself, I always bring up the titantic.

It's just such a good ice breaker!

Introducing Dwayne Johnson's latest rival, The Hard Place!

Don't get between them.

How many introverts does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Why does everything have to be a group activity?

How do you introvert a variable?

You get it by itself.

Introverts would love to have friends but they have a problem


What'd I say to my introvert friends who were jerking off alone in separate rooms?

"C'mon, pull yourselves together!"

*Introducing my girlfriend to the family*

Mom: Don't settle for this, you deserve better..
Me: But mom, I lov.....
Mom: I was talking to her.

What do you say when you're introduced to a vegan?

Nice to meat you.

How can you tell an introvert from an extrovert Redditor?

The introvert Redditor looks at his own shoes when you're talking to him.

I'd like to introduce you to my step ladder!

I never knew my real ladder...

How many introverts does it take to fix a lightbulb?

Why does it have be a common task?

I introduced my girlfriend to my family today. They were upset for no reason.

Especially my wife.

I'm so introverted...

That I was told to self-isolate for 14 days, and asked to make it an even 28.

I know someone who's an introvert and he ALMOST broke a world record.

He was just shy.

Introduced my girlfriend to the family over the weekend, everyone was shocked...

Specially the wife .

How did I introduce my s**... pet fox?

Everyone, meet she-fox, she-fox, everyone.

Got introduced to a doctor and I asked what field he was in. He said, Urology . I didn't know how to respond…

So I said, No s**...?

I Introduced my 20 years younger gf to my family and everyone hated her...

Maybe my wifes birthdayparty was not the right time afterall

Missed Orientation Class of Fight Club

Was late to my first Fight Club last night so missed the intro rules. Still, Fight Club was brilliant and I'd highly recommend Fight Club.
Not mine and could be old but this will not age

When I introduce myself, no one takes me seriously.

I don't understand why. The only thing I say is, "Hi, I'm Joe King."

I was introduced to my cell mate and he said,

"You touch my stuff and I will kill you. I catch you staring at me and I will kill you. You touch me and I will kill you."
I thought to myself, "Just got here and I'm already married."

How did the introverted teenager introduce himself to his crush?

He didn't

Why did an introvert become an astronaut?

He needed his space

Introducing my daughter to a co-worker

Me: This is my daughter, Beth
Co-worker: And what's Beth short for?
Me: Because she's only 3

Introduced a friend of mine to minimalism

It was the least I could do.

As I was introducing my family to our new neighbors, the guy exclaimed, Wow! Your wife and daughter look like twins! I chuckled and said...

Well, they *were* separated at birth!"

How many introverts does it take to change a lightbulb?

One, unless they need help - in which case it's still one.

introverts are like kittens

Extroverts see them and go " I want *that* one"

The UK is introducing a square 99p coin.

It's not a round number

Why did the introvert walk around the frozen lake?

Because he didn't wanna break the ice

What's between an introvert and an extrovert?

A wall.
(I know it wasn't funny, but it popped into my mind, and I thought it was decent enough)

Why did the introvert walk around the pond?

Because they didn't want to break the ice

What do you call a very brief introduction to a Microsoft program?

A 4 word forward for Word.

Intro joke, What do you call a very brief introduction to a Microsoft program?

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