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I'm not doing anything cheesy for my girlfriend on valentines day...

She's lactose intolerant.

There are two things I hate in this world...

People who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch.

I had a sip of the Milky Way galaxy.

It turns out I'm galactose intolerant.

Intolerant joke, I had a sip of the Milky Way galaxy.

Why couldn't the boy look at the Milky Way?

He was galactose intolerant.

Just thought this when making a coffee, I'm sorry...

I've grown a fetish where I love to lick milk off white women's feet, I've been labelled a racist though... it's not my fault I'm black toes intolerant.

Thank you, thank you very much *hangs head in shame*

I can't wear preppy clothes...

I'm Lacoste Intolerant.

The Outsiders: Why is Ponyboy lactose intolerant?

He hates Dairy but likes Sodapop.

Intolerant joke, The Outsiders: Why is Ponyboy lactose intolerant?

I really hate people who never have bread for breakfast...

You can say I'm lack toast intolerant

I'll ^see ^^myself ^^^out

Why don't cannibals eat the feet?

Because they are lactoes intolerant. Told to me by my 12 year old.

I hate people with club feet...

I'm lack toes intolerant.

I have a new co-worker, who only has seven toes. I instantly hated him.

Turns out I'm lack toes intolerant.

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I discriminate against people who lose digits on their feet to frostbite.

I guess you could say I am lactose intolerant.

Lost three toes in a wood-chopping accident and my girlfriend dumped me

Said she's lack-toes intolerant

What do you call a man with no feet and is allergic to milk?

Lack-toes intolerant

[OC] My best friend recently lost the front of his foot in a boating accident and now I hate him.

I'm surprised by how lactose intolerant I am.

I tried to get my partner to embrace by foot fetish...

...but they were lictose intolerant.

Intolerant joke, I tried to get my partner to embrace by foot fetish...

what did the lactose intolerant man say after eating an ice cream cone?

please excuse my dairy air

What did the lactose intolerant guy say after having a glass of milk?

Please excuse my dairy air

My friend lost his toes in a car accident, so I punched him in the face

I'm lack toes intolerant

When my toaster broke, my wife left me.

I guess she was lack toast intolerant

I broke up with my girlfriend when I found out she only has 4 toes on each foot....

Turns out I'm lack-toes intolerant..

What do you call someone who can't eat burnt toast?

Black toast intolerant.

A toast!

Had to throw away my toaster because it kept burning my toast. I guess you could say I'm black toast intolerant.

I got frostbite and had part of my foot amputated. Then my girlfriend left me.

She was lack-toes intolerant.

TIFU by accidentally giving my girlfriend my sandwich that had extra cheese when she's lactose intolerant

Whoops, wrong sub.

None of my friends seem to care that I'm lactose intolerant

But tell them I'm racist and they all flip out.

What do you call someone who only likes people with 10 toes?

Lack toes intolerant.

A Vegan who is also gluten intolerant walks up to you. What is the first thing they say to you?

"I crossfit"

Yesterday, I saw a guy harassing a diabetic who recently had parts of his foot amputated.

I guess the first guy was lack toes intolerant.

What kind of people don't enjoy cheesy jokes?

People who are laughtose intolerant.

I sure hope Pennywise isn't lactose intolerant...

He seems to eat a lot of Derry

I hate intolerant people

Can't stand 'em.

My girlfriend left me after I lost both my legs in an accident

She said she was lack toes intolerant.

I'm glad my wife is lactose intolerant.

We don't have to pose for pictures.

Went on a date with a girl. The date lasted until I found out she had lost all of the toes on her left foot in a horrible accident.

I guess you could say that I'm lack toes intolerant.

I can't wear any clothes with a crocodile on them because I get an allergic reaction.

I'm Lacoste intolerant.

I got angry when my waitress served me eggs with no bread

I'm very lacktoast intolerant.

A man with no toes walks into a bar...

...the bartender looks at the man's feet and says "Sorry, we don't serve your kind here."

The man is confused. He asks a nearby customer what the bartender is talking about. The customer responds:

"He's 'lack-toes' intolerant."

What do you call a lactose intolerant Mexican bodybuilder.

No whey Jose

My new girlfriend dumped me when she found out I was missing a toe

Apparently she's lactose intolerant.

I cut off the end of my foot but the Doctor wouldn't treat me.

Turns out he was lack toes intolerant.

I hate when people have missing toes!

You might even say I'm...lack toes intolerant.

(Is this a dad joke? The gf is pretty baby crazy lately and i dont know if im ready yet)

My friend stopped talking to me after I lost 3 of my toes to frost bite.

I didn't know he was lack toes intolerant.

I broke up with my girlfriend after she had to have all of her toes amputated...

I told her before we started dating that I'm *lack-toes intolerant*.

It may not be politically correct, but I wouldn't ever date someone who was born with deformed feet.

You could say I'm lack-toes intolerant.

My dad is so racist. He doesn't like black people. He doesn't even like their feet.

I guess you could say that he's Blacktoes intolerant.

(Credit to my father for this original joke)

One thing I regret

Is that I left my girlfriend after she lost her foot in an accident. I am just lack toes intolerant.

My girlfriend asked me if I would mind if she lost the end of her foot

I said "Sorry, I'm lack-toes intolerant."

I like my women like I like my milkshake

Not at all. I'm lactose intolerant and gay

I found out one of my friend is missing all his toes on his right foot

I had to end the friendship because I'm lack-toes intolerant

I need to get a valentine's card for my lactose intolerant wife

But they're all too cheesy

When I found out my Tinder date was missing a foot, I nearly threw up.

I'm lack-toes intolerant.

I dated a girl until she showed me her right foot

I dated a girl until she showed me her right foot. She lost 3 toes in an accident as a child, so I had to run away. What else could I do? I am lack toes intolerant.

A few months ago my friend lost three toes in a work accident. Today his wife left him because she said that she couldn't handle it....

.....I guess she was lack toes intolerant.

I used to date a girl who was lactose intolerant.

We broke up because she couldn't stomach my cheesy jokes.

My buddy's wife left him after he lost his feet in a car accident.

Turned out she was lack toes intolerant.

I try to be cheesy when I make jokes.

Unfortunately, everyone I know is laughtose intolerant.

I have a lactose intolerant friend who sells ice cream for a living.

He can't take it, but he can dish it out.

Pickup line : hello, are you lactose intolerant?

Just wanted to make sure, my pickup line is very chessy. .

I used that once...she laughed...her husband laughed i walked away...true story btw

Spray Cheese

When you're lactose intolerant all cheese is spray cheese

My friend walked out on his date when she told him she had a deformed foot.

I told him he shouldn't be lack toes intolerant.

I had a friend who lost a toe in an accident.

We aren't friends any more, I'm extremely lack toes intolerant.

Every time my mom burns my grilled cheese sandwich I get a stomach ache...

I guess I'm black toast intolerant.

My friend refuses to wear clothes with crocodiles on them...

... he's Lacoste intolerant

Did you hear about the amputee who nearly died from an allergic reaction?

Apparently he was lack-toes intolerant.

I hate people with 8 toes

I'm lack toes intolerant

Broken Toaster

Toaster is broken and I'm pissed. I'm lack toast intolerant.

What do you call a person who dislikes people who don't have toes?

Lack toes intolerant.

Was my last joke too cheesy for y'all?

Or are y'all just laugh-tose intolerant?

I like my women like I like my milk

That's the end of the joke, I'm lactose intolerant.

What do you call a gluten intolerant duck?


what do you call a person who can't tolerate running out of bread?

Lack-Toast Intolerant

I didn't have any toast this morning, and I'm very angry about it.

I think I might be lack toast intolerant.

What do lactose intolerant people call a collection of meat and cheese?

A shart tootery board

A friend of mine one told me: "If you want a girl to like you, use cheesy pickup lines." That didn't really work for me.

Apparently all the girls I talk to are lactose intolerant.

I was having random bouts of diarrhea...

Couldn't figure out what the hell was causing it.

Then I started keeping track. I realized it was only happening when I would wear those polo shirts with the little alligator stitched on them.

Turns out I'm Lacoste intolerant.

Why didn't the guy date the model with no legs?

He was lack toes intolerant

What do you have if you're intolerant to cheese?

You have allercheese.

What do you call someone who hates people who are missing toes?

Lactose intolerant

What do you call a klansman with a foot fetish?

Black toes intolerant

Why did the dyslexic refuse to wear a polo shirt?

Because he was Lacoste intolerant.

My girlfriend lost a toe and i dumped her

I'm lack-toes intolerant

I hate guys who've lost part of their foot in an accident

I'm lack-toes intolerant.

My daughter painted her toenails black for winter formal tonight...

I told her "I hope you don't run into anyone who's black-toes intolerant."

Did you hear about the guy that always got angry when he was out of bread for breakfast?

He was lack-toast intolerant.

What do you call someone who denies the truth ?

Factos intolerant.

What do you call someone who hates feet?

Lack toes intolerant

What's a racists favorite type of bread?

Gluten Free, because they are intolerant.

I hate people with no toes.

Some might say I'm lack toes intolerant.

My girlfriend broke up with me when she found out I only have 9 toes.

She was lack toes intolerant.

What do you call a person who gets mad when they don't have bread?

Lack toast intolerant

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