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My hayfever makes me sneeze like my dairy intolerance makes me fart.

I hate my analogies.


God: (creates cheesecake)

God: (While stuffing his face in front of the angels) Oh wow! This is so great!

Angel: Don't you think you should be sharing that?


God:(creates lactose intolerance)

Stamping out intolerance

A woman walks into the post office to buy stamps for her Christmas cards.

What denomination? asks the shop assistant.

Oh, good heavens. Have we really come to this? says the woman. I guess I'll take 50 Catholic and 50 Anglican.

There are two things I can't stand in a person

Ignorance, intolerance, and innumeracy.


Doctor, Doctor I get gassy and bloated when I see one hump camels.
Doc: Sounds like you have a dromedary intolerance.

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