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  1. "Name a famous explorer that has been forgotten", asked my son "Internet explorer.", I replied.
  2. HTML or HTML5? Guy 1 - 'How can you tell the difference between HTML and HTML5?'
    Guy 2 - 'Open it in Internet Explorer'
    Guy 1 - 'Ok'
    Guy 2 - 'Did it work?'
    Guy 1 - 'No'
    Guy 2 - 'It's HTML5'
  3. I'm using Internet Explorer to post this, so it might be a bit delayed... But there's a plane heading towards the twin towers right now.
  4. What do dora the Explorer and Internet Explorer have in common? They both take 20 minutes to perform a simple task.
  5. Nurse: You've been in a coma since 1995 Great! My Internet Explorer page should have loaded.
  6. Happy New Years 2013! Hey guys I'm sending this through Internet Explorer, hope you guys had a great 2012!
  7. The ChatGPT servers must be on a virtual vacation exploring the vast expanse of the internet.
  8. I'm not brave enough to go on a real safari, so I decided to be an Internet Explorer instead. Sadly even that was too Edge-y for me!
  9. Hello everyone. I'm using Internet explorer so I hope this gets out in time. Happy New Year 2006
  10. How come everyone's forgotten about internet explorer? Because chrome takes up your memory.

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  1. Happy thanksgiving Guys! I hope Internet Explorer sends this in time.
  2. What is the most commonly searched term on Internet Explorer? Google Chrome.
  3. A good Internet Explorer joke. [Long] Loading...
  4. I'm so out of shape Internet Explorer could probably run faster than me
  5. Happy new year! -sent from internet explorer
  6. I finally switched from Internet Explorer to Chrome! Just kidding, happy April fools day!
  7. NASCAR used to have an Internet Explorer car But it kept crashing.
  8. I exclusively use internet explorer to download Google chrome.
  9. Do you think I should get on bitcoin now ? It's at 0.5$. Sent via Internet Explorer.
  10. Internet Explorer. The number one browser..... For downloading other browsers.
  11. Happy Fourth of July Guys! I hope Internet Explorer sends this in time.
  12. Merry christmas and happy new year! - Internet explorer
  13. Hope this all gets to you in time, using Internet Explorer! Happy New Year 2007!
  14. Internet Explorer is the best browser... to download another browser.
  15. Happy new year!! Sorry I use internet explorer.

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You still use Internet Explorer? You must like it nice and slow.

What's Internet Explorer good for?

to download Mozila Firefox

Why does internet explorer ask so many questions?

Because it's insecure. It has trust issues.

You know what's funny about Internet Explorer?

Punch line buffering...

Happy 2011!

I can't wait for Internet Explorer 9.

Internet Explorer

Chrome and Firefox are popular web browsers.
Internet Explorer is the most popular web browser to install Chrome or Firefox with.

What's the difference between Internet explorer and Asian Drivers?

Nothing, both result in constant crashes.

Internet Explorer is actually my favorite browser..

To download other browsers with
Abraham Lincoln, 1863
-Morgan Freeman

15 Insane Desktop Backgrounds That Are Bullying Poor Little Internet Explorer |

I saw the last perfume made by Internet Explorer .

I was fascinated by the slogan : " use it today, smell it tomorrow"

Did you hear about Michael Jackson's new album?

It's called Invincible!
*Sent using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6*

Where does the modern explorer go to in search for adventure?

The internet explorer goes onto amazon!

Testing new mobile phone

Hello, i don't know if anyone is going to read this because i am using the internet explorer. But still i wanna wish you a good start in the new year 2010.

What's the difference between a Malaysia Airline flight and Internet Explorer?

None. Eventually, both of them are gonna c**....

Why do tech-savvy Mexicans and Filipinos insist on using Firefox?

They had a terrible experience with Internet *Explorers*.

What is Bear Grylls' favourite web browser?

Internet *explorer*!

Internet Explorer is so slow

If this video takes any longer, the girl in it will be a legal age

What is Internet Explorer's function?

To install Chrome.

Clinton is MY president!

His second term is about to end but I truly loved his presidency
-Sent from internet explorer

Internet explorer...

The best browser for downloading a new browser

How to hide your important files from people without making Hidden folders

1. Go to your Desktop and make a new folder named Internet Explorer
2. Change the folder's icon to Internet Explorer
3. Keep it in your favorite corner of the desktop
Now, no one will open internet explorer!

What's everyone's problem with Internet Explorer?

It's just a blank page and a rotating circle.
Cut them some slack man...

Why doesn't anybody use Internet Explorer anymore?

Its window closed.

Happy New Year 2016!

Have I mentioned Internet Explorer is a great browser?

Browser joke

What do we want?
Chrome/Firefox: Faster internet!
When do we want it?
Internet explorer: Faster internet!

We can learn so much from Internet explorer.

Even if it's clicked on by accident still it never fails to aspire to be the default browser.

Happy 2004 Everyone!

-sent from Internet explorer.

Internet explorer is the best web browser

For when you need to download Chrome and Firefox.

Dont invest in those c**... bitcoins it will fail

Sent Via Internet Explorer

The Interview

Interviewer : we need people with lots of patience.
Applicant : Sir, I use internet explorer, with a 2g connection.

I'm using Internet Explorer so I hope this'll get posted quickly.

I hope you'll have a wonderful year of 2011!

I'm sending this through internet explorer on Australian Fibre To The Node

Happy New Year 2011!

RIP Stephen Hawking

Sorry, I will stop using Internet Explorer.

When life give you Explorer

Make it Dora not Internet.

True Fact

The most anybody ever uses internet explorer for is to download Google chrome.

Happy New Year!

From all of us here at the Internet Explorer team...
Welcome to 2016!

What is Internet Explorer useful for?

To install Google Chrome.

Why doesn't NASCAR have an Internet Explorer car?

Because it would keep crashing.

My computer has this disgusting virus that has completed slowed everything down.

It's called "Internet Explorer".

Whether we prefer Yahoo, or Chrome, or Firefox, and on...

Aren't we all just Internet Explorers?

Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari walk into a bar. Google Chrome asks for a stiff drink. Safari asks for a heavy drink...

Internet Explorer asks for a frozen drink.

What is Internet Explorer used for?

To download chrome :D

Why is Internet Explorer so slow?

Because it's chromatose.

The following ran on Internet Explorer's Facebook pad yesterday:

We have finally made a vaccine! Thanks to the hundreds of brilliant scientists worldwide working tirelessly on a vaccine, we have finally found a vaccine.
It is reported that mass production of the newly discovered smallpox vaccine will begin from next week.

It's 2020 and I've just been fired from my job at internet explorer.

The 2008 c**... hit us bad.

there's really only one reason India is just now experiencing Covid-19

they run on Internet explorer.

Just got vaccinated!

Nothing special really, but you do get tired and just want to go home and browse Internet Explorer or Edge.

I never understood why people hate Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge so much

I am always able to flawlessly download the Firefox Installer using them.

It was a chilly day of spring when I answered the door to a child holding a plastic pumpkin by the handle.

"Trick or treat!"
"A little late on that one you reckon? Halloween was months ago"
"It was? Sorry, I'm Internet Explorer"