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I like to keep a gun in my nightstand drawer just in case someone breaks in

That way I can shoot myself to avoid social interaction

An amputee walks up to a stranger...

An amputee missing his left arm and left leg walks up to a stranger and shouts, I lost my left arm and left leg!!! .

The stranger looks at him, unsure what to make of this interaction, and says, All-righty then.

What do you call a sexual interaction between two trans individuals?

A transaction.

This is the only good original joke I've made in my entire life, and that's not a joke!
Haven't seen this posted elsewhere before.

There is no free will. Everything that happens, including human interaction, is deterministic...

I'm sorry, I just had to say that.

Wife: Our Disney certified stroller fits through all openings

Dad: Yep, it's Universal

This interaction occurred as we left our Disney hotel room heading to the bus to EPCOT.

A Philosopher, a Physicist and a Common Man

A Philosopher, a Physicist and a Common Man stand around a piece of fruit.

When asked what the fruit is, the philosopher says We can never know what this piece of fruit truly is. We assume, through wisdom, that the form of the fruit is closest to our perceptions of the fruit .

The physicist states: Truly there is no fruit. The fruit is simply the interaction of fundamental forces and unseeable particles colliding through time until the fruit is formed .

The Common Man replies: It's an apple.

For all of those Philosophy Majors out there

Philosophy Joke:

If an argument concludes a tree fall without human interaction in a forest for a stump to be made, and there are no lumberjack's in the forest to hear it, does it make it sound?

Interaction joke, For all of those Philosophy Majors out there

90 percent of adults admitted to having some form of sexual interaction in the office.

I licked an envelope once.

As an introvert I've always wanted to star in a sitcom

Most of your social interaction occurs with the people you live with and lasts about 21 minutes a day.

Did you know that nobody's having intercourse at the Quantum gay club?

Apparently, all tops turn into bottoms.

That explains the weak interaction.

We're witnessing the world in decay.

It's strange, and I find no charm in it.

Ok, I'm out.

I'll be having some Lepton tea.

Interaction I had at a McDonalds last night

Me: Can I get a water cup?

Cashier: Sure, if ya give that girl in the back your number

Me: Sure

Other Cashier: Wait, really?

Me: Look, I'm just thirsty

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