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Did you hear about the new minting machine that produces coins only if you focus intently on it?

It makes cents if you think about it.

A guy walks into a bar.

Inside the bar he sees a blonde sitting at the bar, she's intently watching the 10 pm news. The news story is about a man who's standing atop a building, preparing to jump. The guy says to the blond "I bet you $50 he'll jump". The blonde takes the bet and continuous to watch.

Some time later, the man on the building jumps. The guy turns to the blonde and says "I'm sorry but I can't take your money. I watched this on the 6 pm news and knew he would jump". The blonde replies "I watched it at 6 pm too, but I didn't think he'd jump again"

An old woman says to an old man at the retirement home, I bet you I can guess your age.

The man doesn't believe her, but tells her to go ahead and try.

Pull down your pants, she says.

She inspects his rear end intently for a few minutes and then says, You're 84 years old.

That's amazing, the man says. How did you know?

You told me yesterday.

Intently joke, An old woman says to an old man at the retirement home,  I bet you I can guess your age.

A Bank Robber Forgot His Mask

A bank robber wanted to keep his identity a secret, but he forgot to bring his mask. He told everyone in the bank not to look at him or he would shoot them.

One foolhardy customer sneaked a look, and the bank robber did what he said he would... he shot him. The robber asked the crowd if anyone else had seen his face...

One customer, gazing intently at the ground, said "I think my wife got a glimpse."

A man sees a blonde girl staring intently at a ice cube in her hand

The man asks the girl why she's staring at the ice cube and she responds, "I'm trying to figure out where it's leaking from."

The Yeti

A local married couple came forward today and said that a Yeti was spying on them while they were having sex in their swimming pool, watching them intently before running off into the woods.

Now, I've been called lots of things in the past but that's just mean.

A teenager takes a seat on a bench next to a middle aged man reading a newspaper...

After a few minutes the man looks over and stares intently at the youth's multicolored mohawk. The teenager looks over at the man and says "What's the matter old man, never done anything interesting in your life?"

The man responded, "I once got drunk and had sex with a parrot, I was just wondering if you were my son."

Intently joke, A teenager takes a seat on a bench next to a middle aged man reading a newspaper...

It was the first night of the newlyweds in their bridal suite and...

The young husband was staring out the window very intently into the starry night while his young bride was sitting patiently in bed waiting. Aren't you coming to bed darling? she said sexily. Not in your life! he replied. My mother said this would be the most wonderful night of my life and I'm not going to miss it for anything!

What do you call a chicken staring intently at a piece of lettuce?

A chicken ceaser salad.

An old man and an old woman are sitting around a retirement home.

The old man says to the old woman: "I bet you can't guess how old I am."
The woman says "I'll give it a shot, let me try something."
She reaches down his pants and starts feeling around his privates while focusing intently.
"You're 85." she guesses.
"Wow, you're right! How did you know?"
"You told me yesterday."

Don't interrupt someone working intently on a word puzzle

Chances are, you'll hear some cross words

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Doctors are funny !

A doctor was talking with his shrink. He was feeling guilty about having sex with his one of his patients.
I know these things happen but I just can't get it out of my mind. What do you think I can do ?

The psychiatrist looked at him intently and said Maybe you should refer your patient to another vet.

Dave was doing push up in a garden noticed a man intently observing him...

Dave raised questioning eyebrows, the man said sorry to break it to you buddy but woman under you have long gone.

Two bums

Two bums are walking down the rail road tracks.

Bum#1 turns to the other and says: "just last week I was walking down these same tracks, and I found a bottle of whiskey. I stayed drunk for a week, it was the best week ever!"

Bum#2 listening intently replies: "that's nothing man, I was walking down these same tracks last week and I found a lady, we had sex over and over, it was the best week ever!"

Bum#1 asked: "did she give good head?"

Bum#2 replied: "no, I never found her head"

After smoking on a fat blunt with his neighbor, a man walks back to his apartment he shares with his girlfriend and realizes he forgets his key. Eyes red and clothes smelling like weed, he knocks on the door and his girlfriend answers...

She looks at him and with disgust says "high again?"

He looks at her intently and replies back saying "hello"

John was at Sunday School. This particular lesson, they were teaching how God created everything, including human beings.

Little John listened intently as they explained how Eve was created out of one of Adam's ribs.

Later in the week his mother noticed him lying as though he was ill, and asked: John what is the matter, are you feeling okay?

Little John responded: I have a pain in my side. I think I'm going to have a wife!

Intently joke, John was at Sunday School. This particular lesson, they were teaching how God created everything, in

Why was the man intently watching the bowl of snickers?

He wanted to see who would have the last laugh.

^^back ^^to ^^work...

How to distinguish between the meows of male and female cats:

1. Listen intently to the meow
2. Take a peek at their genitalia.

"I like to go camping"

Said Tom Intently.

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