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A Muslim guy killed 50 people in a mass shooting…

Who says they can't integrate into American culture?

Why was e^x so lonely at the party?

Because every time he tried to integrate, he ended up with himself.

All the mathematical functions went to a party...

There they saw the exponential function sitting by himself

They poked him, "c'mon man, join the party"

To which he replied, "it's not my fault, eveytime I try to integrate, I just end up with myself"

Integrate joke, All the mathematical functions went to a party...

Why is the south bad at calculus?

They don't know how to integrate.

An engineer, a mathematician, and a physicist are asked to measure the volume of a pig.

The engineer answers: "we fill a pool to the brim with water, fully immerse the pig, collect the spilled water and measure its weight. The pig will have a volume of 1dm^3 per collected Kg."

The mathematician answers: "we freeze the pig, slice it and integrate the slices' areas to obtain a volume."

The physicist answers: "let P be a spherical, friction-less pig...

e^x, x and x^2 went to a party.

x and x^2 noticed e^x has been standing in the same corner since they arrived.

x asked "Why don't you go mix in with the crowd?"

e^x replied "Well, no matter how much I integrate it's still the same!"

The functions were throwing a party

Sinus, cosinus and tangens were dancing like crazy. Only e^x was all alone in the corner of the room, so sinus walked to it and asked "Hey, exponential! How are you doing? Why don't you try to integrate yourself?" "I'm trying!!! But nothing happens..."

ha. ah. ah. \*cough\* _i'm a nerd :'(_

Integrate joke, The functions were throwing a party

Sine, cosine and ln(x) are at a party

Sine approaches cosine and says, "Hey, what's ln(x) doing over in the corner by himself?". Cosine responds, "You see, ln(x) doesn't integrate very well".

White folk hate math.

Especially when they heard in Calculus they'd have to integrate.

Never drink and derive

You'll integrate something you don't need.

How do you use calculus in real life?

You integrate it

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Did you hear about the mathematician who got out of jail?

He's trying to integrate back into society, but you can still kinda differentiate him from others.

A guy gets on a bus and starts threatening everybody:

"I'll integrate you! I'll differentiate you!"
So everybody gets scared and runs away.
Only one person stays.
The guy comes up to him and says: "Aren't you scared, I'll integrate you, I'll differentiate you!"
And the other guy says: "No, I am not scared, I am e^x."

When I integrate I don't add the constant

I guess I have my limits

A mathematician opens a burger restaurant in a city already filled with burger restaurants...

A customer asks the owner:

How do you plan to differentiate from burger restaurants?

The owner replies and says:

I integrate instead.

A math teacher ought to be president...

To make America integrate again.

Integrate joke, A math teacher ought to be president...

Puns about immigrants.

They've got me integrate trouble.

Why will the south never know the area of a chess board.

It is black and white so they won't integrate

Hey Baby are you Rockefeller?

Because I think we should Horizontally Integrate.

[Math] Hey girl, want to come over and integrate?

Unfortunately, After every time we ∫e^x I am left with an e^x

Why can't segregationists deal in higher math?

They can't integrate.

Why did former Alabama governor George Wallace fail high school calculus?

He refused to integrate.

2x and ln are in a bar...

ln is alone in the back of the bar and 2x approaches
"Why don't you integrate?", 2x says
ln cries, "Because it won't change anything"

Taking calculus has made me want to become Prime Minister of a European country

Then I can just throw money at problems instead of trying to integrate them.

"How well do you think you have integrated into our society?"

The translator asked the immigrant.

What did the calculus-hating white supremacists say during class?

2, 4, 6, 8, we don't wanna integrate!

Why does the KKK not do Calculus?

They don't like to integrate.

Bar jokes

At a party for functions, ex is at the bar looking despondent. The barman says: "Why don't you go and integrate?" To which ex replies: "It would not make any difference."

Girl, are you any good at calculus? I was wondering whether you could integrate my natural log.

In 1957, the National Guard was sent in to integrate the Little Rock Nine.

The result was, of course, the Little Rock 9x+c

Some sin functions are planing a party

suddenly a cosin function appeard and ask if he can join the party.
The cosin functions replayed but only if you integrate yourself .

Why are refugees bad at math?

They refuse to integrate.

What's the difference between Leibniz and the Civil Rights Movement?

Leibniz was able to integrate in 1675.

How does a shepherd integrate black and white flocks?


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