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Have you heard about the social media stars who are coughing and sick?

They're Instagram Influenzas

So I went to my Hipster drug dealer last night...

He gave me an instagram

How much does a hipster weigh?

an instagram

Instagram joke, How much does a hipster weigh?

I have a joke about a hipster've probably never heard it.

Q: How much mass is in a single hipster?

A: An Instagram

Why did Kim Jong Un Instagram his missile?

It was the only way he could send it.

What do you call a reliable coke dealer?


What happens when you put your grandma on speedial?

You get Insta-Gram

Instagram joke, What happens when you put your grandma on speedial?

How do hipsters buy their drugs?

by the instagram.

Why did Jesus deactivate his Instagram account?

Because he only had 12 followers.

If a white girl goes to starbucks and doesn't post a picture on instagram, did she really go to starbucks at all?

Why was the Instagram star so bad at making coffee?

Because she used #nofilter

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You know what would be a good name for a cocaine delivery service company?


I put my Grandma on speed dial..

I call that Instagram

Someone knocked on my door

As I opened, I saw a pizza delivery guy with a large pepperoni pizza in his hand.

"You must be mistaken. I didn't order any pizza!", I said

"Yes, I know", he replied, "Your neighbor forgot his instagram password and wanted to show you what he's having for dinner!"

Why did the creepy hipster get arrested?

because he was following people before instagram

Snoop Dogg seems to be investing in a company that will deliver weed to your house in 10 minutes...

Sadly, the name Instagram is taken.

Instagram joke, Snoop Dogg seems to be investing in a company that will deliver weed to your house in 10 minutes...

A Instagram user walks into a bar...

A Instagram user walks into a #bar #pub #brewery #happyhour #bigplace #beer #night #party #fun #photography #conceptual #art #drink #peperoni #olives #lights #table #chair #followme

What is a heroin addict's favorite website?


How much does a basic white girl weigh?

... an instagram :3

What a bad year…

Still can't believe they changed the Instagram logo

*Extremely Offensive* If you ever feel stressed just know that someone...somewhere...

...has parkinsons and is currently going through their crush's Instagram history

Sign above an Instagram entrepreneur's door:

"Carpe DM"

I was at an important job interview today, when they asked me if I was on Facebook…

"Sorry, no. I'm not." I replied.





"Look, just put your phone away, will you!?"

Give a man a fish, and he'll Instagram it...

Teach a man to fish, and he'll still Instagram it.

What do you call a girl that broke up with you via Instagram?


What do you call it when you have your mom's mom on speed dial?


Things that didn't exist the last time England were in the semis



































I saw something really interesting on Instagram recently

Said no one ever.

I saw an instagram post that said you have 15 million dollars to spend but only on things that start with the first letter of your name

I gave my friend a look and he said Nathan, I don't think you can buy those anymore

My drug dealer is so quick I nicknamed him...


A picture of an egg on Instagram got more likes than Kylie Jenner...

...I guess you could say the egg beat her.

Why did the student hire an Instagram model to help with his math homework?

Because it's the thot that counts

I got banned from Instagram for posting food pictures

Apparently they only want to see the food "Before" you eat it, not "After"

What do you call a sick Instagram model?

An Influenza

What app do you get, when you download instagram a thousand times?


Roses are red, violets are blue

Pornhub's down, your Instagram will do.

I put my grandma on speed dial the other day.

I call it insta-gram.

My girlfriend's gynaecologist followed her on Instagram yesterday.

I really don't know what else he wants to see.

What do you call it when you have your grandmother on speed dial.


I put some instant ramen on my grandma today...

I call it Instagram.

How many millennials does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None. They sit in the dark and cry while posting blank pictures to instagram

Whenever I see Instagram models working out, I am inspired to do my own workout.

Unfortunately, it's only for my left arm.

It's amazing how popular Instagram is in America.

Didn't think they liked the metric system.

My girlfriend, an Instagram model, asked me to go to the store. She said to get groceries and nothing else.

Just food for thot.

Reddit is kinda like Instagram, I hate to say

Nobody cares unless you show your cake

Ah, Instagram influencers ...

...I remember back when they were simply called hookers

Son: Dad, why is my newborn sister named instagram?

Dad: Because your mom loves instagram and I found out that she spends enormous amounts of time on it. So, it was my way to get her off her addiction.

Son: Ok Dad, Thank you.

Dad: You're welcome.
Now go to your room, Pornhub.

Hi, I'm a mental health therapist helping people to be more at peace with their lives. Check out my Instagram!

I'm a content creator.

They say that going to school is important

but becoming a instagram model is importanter!

What do you call an app that delivers drugs to you, whenever you need it?


I just thought of this while scrolling Reddit and i just had to post it

What is Instagram called in USA?


If a woman marries a man with grandkids

Does she become an Instagram?

How do you get onlyfans for free after October?

Use Instagram

Why do Instagram influencers enjoy shopping at Walmart so much?

They just can't get enough of the self-checkout.

My next door neighbour just knocked on my door with her dinner in her hands.

With Facebook and Instagram down she wanted me to see what she was having

This Facebook & Instagram being down is so frustrating

I had to drive to 30 different peoples houses to find out what they had for dinner and to find out why COVID is fake.

Instagram causes depression in teenage girls...

...just like everything else.

I heard an invisible man has started an Instagram account modelling formal wear.

I might follow suit.

What do you call white people who use Instagram

Gram crackers.

Just thought of it a few mins ago and wanted to share.

What do you call a Vice President dancing on Instagram?

Al Gore Rythym

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