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The only similarity between Bernie Sanders's speeches and Hillary's speeches is

......both inspire you to vote against Hillary.

In an effort to inspire his young son who did not want to go to school, his father told him :

"When Abraham Lincoln was your age he used to walk miles for the privilege of going to school."

The young boy thought for a moment and responded,

"Yes, but when he was your age he was President of the United States."

inspired by frontpage's TIL about the guy fawkes mask: how many occupy protesters does it take to change a lightbulb?

none, occupy protesters can't change anything.

Inspired by the chicken jokes

Why did Adele cross the road?

To sing hello from the otherside

What medication that can make people inspire you?


sorry guys

inspired by the girl who was surprised after drawing her eyebrows too high

I tried to tell this foreign exchange student that she drew one of her eyebrows higher than the other, but I don't think her English was very good because she looked confused ​

Inspired by post on reddit/ technology

Police stop a guy.
-Excuse me?
Wankbreak....Fred Wankbreak.
-Listen mate you're coming down to the station if you carry on like that.
No seriously I work in the Warehouse over there give them a ring they'll vouch for me.
Cop sighs but can do without the paperwork. Gets the number from Fred and rings.
-Hello Acme Warehouse?
- PC Plod here just doing a check.
- So do you have a Wankbreak there?
A wankbreak.... you're joking...we don't even have f**king tea break here mate!!

Inspire joke, Inspired by post on reddit/ technology

I asked my yoga teacher what my purpose in life is

she said " To inspire and then expire"

If you have a problem eating coins, perhaps you should consult a life coach...

It'll inspire change within yourself

Socrates once said the love of pedagogy should inspire all those that teach to do so without compensation

He was poisoned by the Greek Teachers Union

inspired by the recent election, i'm going to run for president

the first step will be to change my name to "none of the above".

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Inspired by a recent ELI5: "Why is milk measured in gallons and soda in litres", I present this oldie...

Q: What comes in quarts?



A: Elephants

How did your farts inspire a convention?

They happened in Geneva.

What bird is most likely to inspire a revolution?

A pigeon... "Coup, coup"

A Native American boy walks up to the the Chief of his tribe...

He says to the Chief "Great Chief, where do the people of our tribe get their names?" the chief replies, "Well, each infant is given a name by their father seconds before the mother gives birth. You see, what the father does is observe the nature around them and let its spirit inspire them." The boy says "I see, this makes some sense to me." and the Chief explains to the boy, "You're friend, Soaring-eagle, received his name when his father saw an eagle fly directly above the hut that his wife was giving birth in." The boy still looked slightly confused, so the Chief asked "Why exactly are you seeking this information. Did you want to know where you're name originated, Twodogsfucking?"

Inspired by "A man walks into a bar with a labrador"

Made me think of this gem:

Why dont blind people go skydiving?

It scares the sh*t out of the dog.

Inspire joke, Inspired by "A man walks into a bar with a labrador"

What inspired you to become a teacher?

Because of two reasons:

July and August ...

Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger inspire George W Bush to become president?

A: Because he could explain the Bush administration's positions on civil liberties in the original German!

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