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A woman walks by a clothes shop, and spots a nice red dress in the window.

She goes inside to inquire:

Woman: Hi. I want to try on that red dress in the window.

Employee: Well, as you wish, but we have changing rooms too.

A zookeeper wishes to buy some new animals from another wildlife park.

She writes:

Dear sir, We are a recently opened zoo and are looking to purchase 2 mooses. "No that doesn't sound right." She thinks.

We are looking to purchase 2 meese. "No that can't be right either."

Dear sir, I wish to inquire about purchasing a moose. Kind Regards.

P.S. Please send another moose along with the first.


Two policeman on patrol see a man walking with a Gorilla. Of course, they stop to inquire. They ask, "So Buddy, what's up with the Gorilla?" The man replies, "I'm taking to the Zoo." Cops say "OK" be on your way. A day later the cops see the same man and gorilla....They stop. "Sir" the officer directs. "We saw you yesterday and thought you were taking him to the Zoo?" "I did", the man replies, "But today, I'm taking him to the movies."

Inquire joke, Zoo

Blonde on the phone

Blonde: Hello, I would like to inquire how long is the flight to New York?

Operator: Just a minute ma'am...

Blonde: Thank you! (call ended)

A depressed old woman decides it's time to end it all..

so she purchases a pistol and decides she is going to shoot herself in the heart. However, wanting to make sure that death is quick, she visits her doctor to inquire the exact location of the heart. Her doctor informs her that the heart is located just under the left breast, after which she thanks him and returns home.

Later that evening the old woman is rushed to the emergency room with a gunshot to the left knee.

In honor of Leif Erikson Day...

Leif Erikson returned to his village after many years sailing the ocean and discovering new lands. When he arrived home, he noticed his name was no longer in the town records. Puzzled, he visited the census-taker to inquire about the error.

"I've been a dedicated member of this community for many years. Why am I not on the town list?" he asked.

"I'm sorry about the mistake, Mr. Erikson," replied the clerk, "I must've taken Leif off my census!"

A pirate walks into a bar...

A pirate walks into a bar, dits down and orders a drink. The barkeep obliges and brings a drink for the pirate, and he notices there is a steering wheel in thenpirwtes pants.

The barkeep was too curious to not inquire what was going on. "Excuse me sir, can I ask why there is a steering wheel in your pants?"

The pirate responding, "Arrggg, I not be sure, but it's driving me nuts."

Inquire joke, A pirate walks into a bar...

I was selling a snake and a man called up to inquire..

Man- how big is it
Me- very big
Man- cool how many feet
Me- none it's a snake

True Story from South Carolina

A real estate agent said she saw a for sale sign leaned against a stump in front of a house. She saw a car in the driveway and decided to stop and inquire about the property. She rang the bell, an old man appeared, she explained who she was and asked how much the house was listed for. The old man laughed and said "Lady the house aint for sale, the stump is."

Donald Trump On the Phone

Donald: Hello, I would like to inquire how long is the flight from New York to London?

Operator: Just a minute sir...

Donald: Okay, thanks! (hangs up)

A man and his blind dog

An old, retired coach is walking his blind dog and a couple walk by and ask to pet the dog, They inquire about the dog's name and he replies, "Timothy."

"What a strange name for a dog," the lady exclaimed.

The coach, without skipping a beat replied, "Well, there's no 'eye' in Tim"

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I have so many inquires about a lack of spices.

So many questions. So little thyme.

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