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18 input jokes and hilarious input puns to laugh out loud. Read jokes about input that are clean and suitable for kids and friends.

If you're looking for hilarious jokes for your next stand-up routine, look no further! This article will show you how to take input from a variety of sources, like Excel or null, and how to output from various platforms. Learn how to keep your audience laughing with these input jokes!

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Best Short Input Jokes

Short input puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The input humour may include short interaction jokes also.

  1. My ex-girlfriend saya she experiments with girls, once a week. "She must be bi-weekly."
    Just thought of this. Any input is welcomed.
  2. The login input fields spend the night at a hotel. Password stays for breakfast. Username checks out.
  3. My LGBTQ+ programmer friend told me they were having trouble with some data inputs the other day... I think it's because they're non-binary
  4. What does changing a password and my wife have in common? They both keep saying "the input provided does not meet the minimum length requirements."
  5. Not sure it's dad joke exclusive but have a fun game and could use your input. Pick a celebrity and a product line they would create.
    Keanu Reeves has a new t-shirt line, it's called Keanu Sleaves
  6. A methodology of obtaining information or input by enlisting the services of a large number of people of Germanic background: Krautsourcing
  7. You know you're an engineer when.... You hear 4-20 and think they're talking about an analog current input
  8. My keyboard and mouse quit working, and I don't know how to fix it... Could you guys give me some input?
Input joke, My keyboard and mouse quit working, and I don't know how to fix it...

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Input One Liners

Which input one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with input? I can suggest the ones about instructions and entered.

  1. Why was the ChatGPT feeling down? Because it didn't have any input.
  2. An attempt If (input = programming humor) then (programming humor = file not found)
  3. What did the compiler say to the hair line? Input is out of bounds
  4. IAmA machine finding the ratio of my output force to my input force. AMA!
  5. How do you plug a plow into a car stereo? Through the ox input.
  6. When your two dads teach you about s**... They can give input from both ends.

Input joke, When your two dads teach you about s**...

Cheerful Fun Input Jokes for Lovely Laughter

What funny jokes about input you can tell and make people laugh? One example I can give are clean touch jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help make input prank.

A creationist told me that evolution must be wrong because it violates the second law of thermodynamics

His claim was that in order for simple organisms like bacteria to evolve into much more complex life like fish and mice and horses and gorillas and people, an enormous input of energy would be required, therefore it must be impossible.
I stayed up all night trying to think of something that would refute his claim, and then it dawned on me.

Most Confusing Password

I was in a couple's home trying to fix their Internet connection. 
The husband called out to his wife 
in the other room for the computer password. Start with a capital S, then 123, she shouted back.
We tried S123 several times, but 
it didn't work. So we called the wife in. As she input the password, she muttered, I really don't know what's so difficult about typing Start123.

What's the difference between...

Requires the receivers input so I will just tell the full joke. It's given me quite a bit of laughs and sighs so I thought I would share it!
What's the difference between a tuna, a piano and a bathtub full of glue?
"I dont know!"
Well you can tuna a piano, but you can't piano a tuna!
"What about the bathtub of glue?"
I thought you might get stuck on that one!

Input joke, When your two dads teach you about s**...

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