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What's a pirate's LEAST favorite letter?

Dear Customer,

Your internet service has been terminated due to copyright infringement.



iSpy, with my little "i" a lawsuit from Apple for trademark infringement.


What's a pirate's least favorite letter?

The one he gets from his internet provider for copyright infringement.


What is a pirate's favourite letter?

Dear xxxxxxxxx

Your internet service has not been terminated for copyright infringement due to a lack of evidence.

Sincerely xxxxxxxx



What's the pirate's favorite letter?


Then what would be their least favorite letter?

**Letter about copywrite infringement**


What does Meghan Trainor say when she's sued for copyright infringement?

Now I'm in treble


Jury awards $22 million to man locked in closet by East Cleveland police for four days with no food or toilet.

R Kelly is going to sue the East Cleveland police for copyright infringement.


If only Microsoft had named their newest operating system "X" instead of 10

they could've sued Apple for copyright infringement


United Airlines is being sued for copyright infringement.

Killing the Wabbit is a registered trademark of Warner Bros, Inc.


TIL in 1970, Xerox Corp sued IBM for patent infringement.

Who would thought Xerox would get upset over somebody copying.


I've got a joke for you

*this post has been deleted due to copyright infringement from the new article 13 in the European Union*


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