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Do you want a laugh? Look no further than this collection of hilarious inflatable jokes! From the typical inflatable pool float to the more elaborate inflatable trampoline and raft, this article will have you in stitches. Whether you have an inflatable girlfriend or not, these jokes are sure to get you blown away.

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Best Short Inflatable Jokes

Short inflatable puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The inflatable humour may include short inflated jokes also.

  1. Remember, as a child, when air for your bike was free? Now it's $1.50! I asked the gas station attendant why. He said "inflation"
  2. Do you remember when air was free at the gas station, and now it's $1.50? You know why? Inflation
    Holy smokes this blew up, THANK YOU all for the awards and the silver!!
  3. President Biden ordered an F16 missile attack to destroy the Chinese spy balloon Americans are thrilled. It's the first thing he's done to combat inflation.
  4. Had to stop at the gas station to fill my tires… They raised the price to $1.50. I just can't believe the cost of inflation these days.
  5. I went to fill up my tires and it cost a dollar. It used to cost a quarter but I guess that's inflation for you.
  6. You know air used to be free at the gas station and now it's $1.50. You know why? Inflation
  7. Got my girlfriend today while airing up a tire Her- "Why in the world did they start charging for AIR?!"
    Me- "Inflation"
  8. My local gas station started charging money just to put air in your tires When I commented that this had been free for decades, the attendant just looked at me and said "that's inflation for you".
  9. The great thing about inflation, is if you spend the same on groceries,
    the bags are lighter and easier to carry home.
  10. Stopped to put air in my tires today. The pump cost $1.50! I remember when those things used to only cost 25 cents. Guess the price has adjusted for inflation.
Inflatable joke, Stopped to put air in my tires today. The pump cost $1.50! I remember when those things used to only

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Inflatable One Liners

Which inflatable one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with inflatable? I can suggest the ones about balloon and trampoline.

  1. Why is helium so expensive these days? Because of all the inflation.
  2. Putting air in your tires used to be free now its costs a dollar... Its called inflation.
  3. Why does it cost $1.50 now to put air in my tires? Inflation?
  4. The price of balloon is said to rise. It's only logical with all the inflation.
  5. Why are airbags so expensive? Because of inflation.
  6. Anyone see 50 cent perform at the Super Bowl? Inflation is real
  7. why are balloons getting so expensive nowadays? inflation
  8. I thought of an inflation joke the other day It's not as funny today
  9. Why did the balloon prices go up? Because of inflation.
  10. Why shoot down so many balloons? It's a fight against inflation.
  11. Why was the bouncy castle so expensive? Due to the cost of inflation
  12. I filled my inflatable girlfriend up with helium... and now she's playing hard to get!!!
  13. Inflation is really getting out of hand… That's just my 3 cents.
  14. Paying a clown to blow up balloons at a party is pretty expensive. Must be inflation.
  15. I just had to pay £1 at the garage to pump up my tires. That's inflation for you.

Inflatable Doll Jokes

Here is a list of funny inflatable doll jokes and even better inflatable doll puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • I need to buy a new inflatable love doll. The one I have now is almost full.
  • I have bought myself a very realistic inflatable doll... ...she was so realistic, that she told me we will be just friends.
  • My uncle used to sell cheap inflatable dolls They always went down on the customer.
  • I used to 69 with my blow up doll But due to inflation now we only 96.
  • Why's the necrophiliac's blow up doll half inflated? So he can pretend she's decomposing.
  • What do terrorists and inflatable s**... dolls have in common? They both get blown up to be greeted by virgins.
  • Have you heard about ISIS's new inflatable s**... dolls They blow themselves up.
  • I Hadn't been into a s**... shop in a long time. Blow up dolls cost a lot more than they used to...
    I guess that's from all the inflation.
  • I can't afford air for my s**... doll anymore Inflation
  • A man walks into a s**... toy shop and asks for an inflatable doll. The clerk asks "regular or Muslim?"
    The man asks "what's the difference?"
    "The Muslim doll blows itself up" the clerk replies.

Inflatable Girlfriend Jokes

Here is a list of funny inflatable girlfriend jokes and even better inflatable girlfriend puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • My friend says his new girlfriend takes his breath away ..but that's because she is inflatable
  • My girlfriend takes my breath away. She's inflatable.
  • My girlfriend is so bipolar! She's either inflated, or deflated and hidden.
  • I totally blew it with my new girlfriend That's how it goes with inflatable partners.
  • British inflation hit a 3 year high last month... How did they find out about my blow up girlfriend?
  • Just saw a documentary about Japanese men with inflatable girlfriends. Seems like they're out of the gene pool. Even if they were in the pool, they'd be fine.
  • My girlfriend is really breath taking... She's inflatable.
  • I was telling my girlfriend a joke about inflation, but she didn't get it. It really fell flat.
  • I had to perform CPR on my girlfriend during s**... last night. When she's half-inflated it's just not the same.

Inflatable Pool Jokes

Here is a list of funny inflatable pool jokes and even better inflatable pool puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Today I stole all of the inflatables from my local Pool. Now I have to Lilo.
  • You won't be hearing from me for a while. I'm being investigated for stealing swimming pool inflatables.... I gotta lilo.
  • The Police are after me again. I keep stealing pool inflatables. I'm gonna have to Lilo for a while.
Inflatable joke, The Police are after me again.

Experience Instant Grins & Giggles with Playful Inflatable Jokes

What funny jokes about inflatable you can tell and make people laugh? One example I can give are clean buoyant jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help make inflatable prank.

Fiddy Cent just had a kid.

They named him after his father but adjusted for inflation. They call him Buck Fiddy.

A guy goes in an Adult Store in Western Sydney and asks for an inflatable doll.

A guy goes in an Adult Store in Western Sydney and asks for an inflatable doll.
The guy behind the counter says, Male or female ?
The customer says, Female.
The counter guy asks, Black or white?
The customer says, White.
The counter guy asks, Christian or Muslim?
The customer says, What does religion have to do with it?
The counter guy says, The Muslim one blows itself up.

Stock Market Report

Helium was up, feathers were down. Paper was stationary.
Fluorescent tubing was dimmed in light trading. Knives were up sharply. Pencils lost a few points.
Hiking equipment was trailing. Elevators rose, while escalators continued their slow decline. Weights were up in heavy trading.
Mining equipment hit rock bottom. Diapers remained unchanged.
The market for raisins dried up. Balloon prices were inflated. And toilet paper touched a new bottom.


Do you drink beer?

Man: Yes

How many beers a day?

Usually about 3

How much do you pay per beer?

Man: $5.00 which includes a tip

And how long have you been drinking?

About 20 years, I suppose

So a beer costs $5 and you have 3 beers a day which puts your spending each
month at $450. In one year, it would be approximately $5400 correct?


If in 1 year you spend $5400, not accounting for inflation, the past 20
years puts your spending at $108,000, correct?


Do you know that if you didn't drink so much beer, that money could have
been put in a step-up interest savings account and after accounting for
compound interest for the past 20 years, you could have now bought a Ferrari?

Do you drink beer?


Where's your Ferrari?

Meanwhile in business news...

...balloon prices are plummeting. Experts are putting it down to a poor inflation rate

"What is inflation?" asked the CA's wife

"Initially you were 36-24-36, and now you're 48-40-48. So technically, you have more than you had earlier, but your value is less than earlier. THIS IS INFLATION"
Economics is not so difficult if we have the right examples.

A man is with his wife who's filling up their flat tire with air...

"Since when do you need to pay to fill up a tire?" says the wife.
"I don't know," replies the husband. "But I'm sure it has something to do with inflation."

The wife and I took a long, leisurely drive out to the country and pulled over to fill up our car's gas tank and tires...

She was surprised to see that the station had a fee to fill the tires and asked me, "Why in the world do they charge for AIR?!"
I responded, "Inflation."

My wife and I went out for a leisurely drive to see the autumn leaves, when we noticed that one of the tires seemed to be getting low…

She was a bit taken aback when I asked her for some change and asked, "Why in the world did they start charging for AIR?!"
I looked at her and winked, "Inflation."

Balloons For Sale!

They're 10c each or if you want them filled its 20c
Ive adjusted the price to allow for inflation.

I've paid $.25 for a bag of Top Ramen since I was in college

Either they don't raise their prices for inflation or I've been getting ripped off the past 20 years...

The government reveals their new logo today....

The government reveals their new logo today, on a black background sit a magnificent image of a c**....
I guess it makes sense, seeings as how a c**... allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of d**..., and gives you a sense of security while being s**....

I found a used football in a second hand store...

I picked it up and took it to the counter.
"How much is this?" I asked
"That'll be $5" said the owner. "Would you like me to pump it up for you?"
"Of course, thanks a lot!" I replied.
So, he got a small pump from under the counter and in a few seconds the ball was as good as new.
"Ok, all done" he said. "That'll be $10 please".
"$10!!!??!!" I replied. "But you said $5 just now".
He looked up and said "Sorry. Inflation".

Groaned a whole store with this one.

I was buying new tires for my car. While I was discussing my options the person down the counter was flustered at the prices she was being offered. To this she loudly asked:
"I put the same ones on my husbands Jeep last year! What happened? Why are they so expensive?!"
To which I looked at over and loudly stated. "Inflation."
The guys behind the counter laughed. The rest of the room groaned out a chorus of dadjoke music that should have been filmed live in front of a studio audience.

Instead of actual serious spying gear, the Chinese used a balloon. Why?

Because of inflation.

BREAKING NEWS: 50 Cent are changing their name!

50 Cent announced today that he would be rebranding to 75 cent to keep up with inflation.

Financial Advice

With inflation at 7.5%, you lose half your money in 9 years. The only way to outperform that consistently, that I have found, is crypto. Just this year I've already lost half my money.

Last year I had a great joke about inflation. But it's hardly worth it now.

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