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In 1862, Australia implemented a telegraph system that stretched from south Australia to Indonesia and beyond. Effectively becoming Australia's first internet.

And the speed of communication hasn't changed since.


Two succesful marine biologists come back from their recent expedition, near the seas of Indonesia.

Biologist 1: You won't believe our results. We documented so many different types of fish, including a lot of nautiluses.

Biologist 2: It's not a lie.

I seem to keep forgetting the name of the airline that does direct flights from America to Indonesia.

I think its Amnesia.

Indonesia joke, I seem to keep forgetting the name of the airline that does direct flights from America to Indonesia

A man hard of hearing flies to Indonesia to cure his arthritis...

He returns without luck, determined to give the doctor a piece of his mind, but the doctor corrects him: "I said that the most threatening inflammation was *in your knees again*.

America has a big apple, Australia has a big banana, but I think Indonesia beats them all.

They have a big wave.

A woman in Indonesia almost got electrocuted...

Ah, yes that was quite the shock.

Reports from Vietnam say they can taste Bakso in the sea.

In other news a tsunami recently hit Indonesia.

Indonesia joke, Reports from Vietnam say they can taste Bakso in the sea.

Is this too soon

Every Christmas Santa seems to skip Indonesia, he just gives them a big wave

Just got back from Indonesia with the missis.


Nah, just got the plane.

There was a plane crash in Indonesia.

As a result, all my Asian friends stopped booking RyanAir.

Everyone seems to be angry about the bad warning system in Indonesia.

But Indonesia is the warning system!

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A man went to a little island in Indonesia to try to get a great tan.

He was pretty disappointed when he returned and his friends said they could Bali notice it.

What do you call a giant squid who runs a tow service in Indonesia?

A Kraken-towa!

An Indonesian lady offers an Australian guy a plate of noodles

An Indonesian lady wants to offer some noodles to an Australian guy. However, she isn't a good speaker of English. Despite the shortcomings, she goes for it anyway.

"Hey mister! Do you want mee? Still hot you know!"


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