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Two Indians put their ears to the ground........

The first Indian says: "Buffalo come".

The second Indian says: "Buffalo no come".

The first Indian places his ear back on the ground and repeats "Buffalo come".

The second Indian places his ear back on the ground and says "I no hear anything, why you think buffalo come?"

The first Indian replies "Ear sticky".

What game do you play in a room full of Indians?

Connect the dots.

Why was the ground all white after Custer's last stand ?

The Indians just kept coming and coming

Indians joke, Why was the ground all white after Custer's last stand ?

The Lone Ranger is in trouble now!

The lone ranger and Tonto are riding together, when suddenly they are surrounded by a group of Apache Indians, screaming like banshees and swinging warclubs.
The lone ranger takes a look at the war-painted pack of warriors howling for his blood, and yells to his faithful sidekick, "Looks like we might have to fight them off, Tonto!"
The lone ranger looks over his shoulder to see Tonto backing his horse away slowly.

"What you mean 'we', white man?"

Why were the Indians here first?

They had reservations.

Falling rock

Waay back in the day the Indians had a child named Falling Rock, lovely kid. As soon as the white man came to their land Falling Rock disappeared. They couldn't find him anywhere, still even to this day we have signs on the road that say "watch for falling rock"

What's the difference between Jack Daniels and John Wayne?

Jack Daniels is still killing Indians.

Indians joke, What's the difference between Jack Daniels and John Wayne?

How many Indians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

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looking for investors for my new specialty dating site

So I'm planning on taking advantage of the huge influx of specialty dating sites like farmers only or Christian mingle, etc... I'm starting a site exclusively for Indians. It's gonna be called, "Connect the dots."
(So who's in with me???)

Why did Americans go to the moon?

They heard Indians had land there.

Whats the diffrence between General Custer and Jack Daniel's?

Jack Daniel's is still killing indians.

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What type of grapes to Indians like?


Why don't Indians eat baguette?

Because there's naan there.

My kids are playing cowboys and Indians.

One is pretending to ride a horse and shoot stuff, the other is providing tech support.

What do you call a white guy surrounded by twenty five Indians?


Why do Indians hate snow?

Because it's white and settles on their land.

Indians joke, Why do Indians hate snow?

My boyfriend and I are Cherokee Indians. He stood me up at our favorite restaurant last night...

But it's OK. I don't think we could have stayed anyway, we didn't have a reservation.

69 years ago

both India and Pakistan got independence on this day.

Indians have become heads of Google, Microsoft, Pepsico, Jaguar, Land Rover and

Pakistanis have become heads of Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Jammat U Dawa, Hijbul Mujahideen

Also India entered Mars but Pakistan still trying to enter India.

a pakistani soldier enlists in the army , ( xpost - india )

A Pakistani soldier who just enlisted asked the Commanding Officer for a 3 day pass.The CO says, "Are you crazy? You just joined the Pakistani army, and you already want a 3 day pass? You must do something spectacular for that recognition!" So the soldier comes back a day later in an Indian tank! The CO was so impressed, he asked, "How did you do it?" "Well, I jumped in a tank, and went toward the border with the Indians. I approached the border, and saw an Indian tank. I put my white flag up, the Indian tank put his white flag up. I said to the Indian soldier, 'Do you want to get a 3 day pass?' So we exchanged tanks!"

My brother wanted to play cowboys and indians

So I put on a ten gallon hat and and chaps and he went to MIT and graduated in computer science.

Can't wait for Game 8 of the World Series,

Indians vs the Dakota Access Pipeline

After tonight's World Series game...

It looks like the Indians are going to have a different type of trail of tears.

How many Indians eat beef?


Why can't Indians play football.

Because every time they get a corner they build a shop.

Who has killed more indians than John Wayne?

Union Carbide Corporation

Sex Statistics on a Plane.

A businessman boards a flight and is lucky enough to be
seated next to an absolutely gorgeous woman. They
exchange brief hellos and he notices she is reading a manual about sexual statistics. He asks her about it and she replies,
"This is a very interesting book about sexual statistics.
It identifies that American Indians have the longest
average penises and Polish men have the biggest average
diameter. By the way, my name is Jill. What's yours?"
He coolly replies, "Tonto Kawalski, nice to meet you."

We Indians have proved that

We can't only overload taxi's, auto's, buses, trains, lorries but also Satellites.

Today in cricket....

Indians showed their attachment to 7-11.

(NSFW) GSW blew a 3-1 lead. Cleveland Indians blew a 3-1 lead....

Can't believe La La Land blew a misread

What game should you play if you're bored in a bus full of indians?

Connect the dots.

What is India known to produce the most of?


Where do Indians go when they die?


Whats the difference between Indians and Middle Eastern people?

Indians are responsible for 7/11 not 9/11

Why don't Indians have food fights?

Because they're naan-violent

International Boundaries

An Englishman, lecturing on his travels, was speaking disparagingly about the Scots and French in Canada, and how they intermarried with the Indians. "You'll find," he said "quite a number of Scot & French half-breeds, but you will not find any English half-breeds."

A Scot in the audience shouted, "The Indians have to draw the line somewhere!"

Why do Indians not like snow?

It is white and settles on their land.

Woke up. There was a group of indians protesting outside my house

Must be all the pipe I am laying.

How did the heckawii indians get their name?

They split off from a larger tribe and fallowed a river, they walked for weeks and months until finally coming to a great plain, the Indian chief looked at the medicine man and said "where the heck are we?"

The 5 things I can't stand in this world.

4.The Indians

What's the difference between the types of Indians who live in Canada?

One type moves to Canada and opens up restaurants, the other type already have reservations.


Being an Indian, my white friends asked me about what Indians did during the festival of Diwali...

They got very happy and asked me to take them to India the next time. I don't know what's there to be happy about. I just told them " We blow crackers."

Two cowboys

were riding along when one of them sees something in the distance. He looks through his binoculars and says to his travelling partner:

"Hey, Jim! Two indians are riding towards us!"

"Hmmm, are they friends? Or...enemies?

"Well, Jim...I think they are friends. They are riding together..."

Leaders show the way....

Indians are *MODIfied*

Brits are *disMAYed*

Americans are *TRUMPed*

And the French are *Macarooned*

And Canadian are *Justified*

While Russians just stay _*Put in*_..!!

Indians Robbing a Bank

An Indian man tries to rob a bank. He walks out of the bank with no money. The getaway driver asks him Where's the money? And why do you have so many computers? The bank robber replies They thougth I was tech support.

Some cavalry soldiers are pinned down by a bunch of Indians.

The Major yells to the Sergeant, "Sergeant, I don't like the sound of those drums!" one of the Indians hollers, "He's not our regular drummer!"

The Lobe Ranger and Tonto are riding in the desert

When they come to a high hill they can see that they are surrounded by wild indians on all sides.
The Lone Ranger says This doesn't look good my friend, they look fierce and out for blood. What should we do?
Tonto reply's What do you mean we white man?

The Lone Ranger and Tonto are on a ridge

And the lone ranger says: "Tonto! There's Indians to the North! And Indians to the West, Indians to the East and Indians to the South! What are we going to do?"

And Tonto goes: "What do you mean we, white man?"

Two cowboys are riding out when the spot an Indian laying down with his ear to the ground.

Approaching him, one Cowboy says Look here. These Indians can track wagons from miles away. You there, what can you tell about the closest wagon train?

The Indian says Large Conestoga wagon, father, mother, three daughters, headed due west at around two miles per hour .

Wow! Exclaimed the cowboys in unison. You can tell all that by listening to the ground?

Nuh-uh. Ran over me half an hour ago .

Why would Indians make great basketball coaches?

They invented Curry

If we played cowboys and Indians I wouldn't choose to be on losing team

that would be Sioux side.

The MLB is renaming the disabled list to the injured list .

I'm surprised by how easily it was for the Cleveland Indians to embrace using politically correct terminology.

How do we know the Indians were the first people in North America?

They had reservations.

A cowboy sees a bunch of American Indians on the horizon and thinks: ''I'm fucked...'', but a voice in the back of his head says: ''Not so fast! Kill the chief!!!''

''What?! Why?'' - thinks the cowboy.

''Just kill the chief!'' - says the voice.

The cowboy hesitated a bit more and than drew his gun and shot the chief.

As the chief was falling from his horse the voice in the cowboy's head said: ''*Now* you're fucked...''

If Italian food is made by Italians and Indian food by Indians,...

who is making Dog food?

Why do Indians never have to call ahead of time to restaurants?

Because they have reservations

Cleveland Indians are going to change their name....

....I suggest Cleveland Bharati.

The Cleveland Indians have officially decided on a new team name.

Say hello to your new Cleveland Redskins!

So the Cleveland Indians are changing their name because they think it's derogatory to a group of people:

Their new name:

The Ohio Indians

Indians and discounts... I asked my buddy Rajesh what time it was

He replied, "It's 3 o'clock, but for you my friend, I'll make it 2.30"

How many Indians does it take to fix a computer?


One to call tech support.

One to answer.

When Indians feel ill, what do they do

They use their Sikh leave

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